In face of difficulties, we will help each other. We helped each other proofread articles, share burden, and sacrifice for each other. Our teacher often said to us, "Help others as much as possible as you will improve."

Yi-chen Huang


I learned a lot while doing this Cyberfair project, such as teamwork, writing skills, time management, and interview skills.

Chien-chen Huang


After joining the team, I not only learned the knowledge that cannot be acquired in everyday life, but also enriched my life.

Chia-ting Kuo


It's always been my dream to improve my writing skills. After I participated in this Cyberfair project, my writing skills had increased dramatically. Although it took me much time, it was worth of it. My teacher often said, "The Cyberfair project is like a marathon." Only persevere can win.

Kai-jung Shih


Everyone is a hero. We must unit and cooperate to do work well.

Hsiu-hua Chan


I learned writing skills, vocabulary selection, and software and hardware applications, which improved my ability.

Yu-hsien Yang


Perhaps, to others, the participation of a Cyberfair project is for the extra scores. To me, it is a long journey to increase my knowledge.

Chieh-chi Huang


I wanted to give up for several times because my article could not reach the standard of my teacher. Due to the encouragement of my teammates and teachers, I continued.

Shih-yin Huang


In the first interview, I was too nervous to ask questions. But after several interviews, I improved. And I could write better articles.

Yi-chin Huang


It was very difficult to do this Cyberfair project. I did not know how to write an article. My teacher asked me to check information online or read the articles of previous projects. After reflect and study, I could write my own articles.

Sheng-kai Hsu