Counter Miss Pet Xuan Chen

1. Why did you join the industry?

I tried different jobs. I first contact the service industry when I studied at university. At a hotel, there are different types of customers. All people don't take a plane, but everyone may stay at a hotel.

Through my job, I can contact with the most types of people, so I choose to work at a hotel.

2. What interesting or impressive things happened at work?

Last year, I received a foreigner customer who came from the United States. I spoke English to him, but he replied in Taiwanese. And his Taiwanese was even better than mine. He could not understand my Taiwanese, so he spoke Taiwanese while I spoke English. He said that he had lived in Taiwan for 19 years. And he was born in Changhua. He could speak Taiwanese since childhood. He had spoken it for 19 years. Then he went back to his hometown. He spoke English in America. Hence, he could speak both Taiwanese and English. Although the hotel received the performer group Hao Jiao Xiang Qi, but I think it was alright. The customer was impressive. And he promised to come here again. I'm still waiting for him to come back!

Figure 1 Counter Miss Pet Xuan Chen

Figure 1 Counter Miss Pet Xuan Chen
source: shot by our team

3. What difficulties have you encountered at work? How did you solve them?

I encountered a lot of drunken customers. A Japanese customer was drunk and staggering in the hall. Reception Desk must have male and female receptionists. At this time, a male receptionist was more suitable to handle the situation. So he sent him back to his room. Some customers were too drunk to walk. We would use a wheelchair to send him to his room.

4. What are the requirements for this job?

I think attitude is the most important. All people cannot work in the service industry. We shall be modest as we encounter all types of customers. Some are tough. I think this industry is neither difficult nor simple. You need to let customers feel at home. In order to provide the best service, we shall be enthusiastic.

Office work follows various orders. But service industry requires its practitioners to be smart.

5. What would you do if a customer wants to change or cancel booking online?

Online booking is handled by those of IT industry. If you book online, you need to cancel online. There is a specific system or platform online, so we can't help customers cancel. Though you cancel, if you need any other rooms, you can feel free to call us. And we will help arrange. If you book online, you need to pay online. So we will ask the IT guys to pay you back. If you face any difficulties, you can always call Reception Desk. We will help you.

Figure 2 Counter Miss Pet Xuan Chen

Figure 2 Counter Miss Pet Xuan Chen
source: shot by our team


We learned the job content of a receptionist. Maybe years later, when we step into the society, we may sit over there, serving customers! But it is not easy to be a receptionist. We must be enthusiastic, have a good attitude, and react quickly. The last point is key to a receptionist.