Cooperative Student Wen Jun Wu

1. What special skills did you learn through your internship at Forte Hotel ?
What leaves the deepest impression to you ?

I learned how the importance of dealing with people. We shall treat each customer in a kind, warm, and considerate manner. As being engaged in the service industry, I contact all kinds of people. It is the most challenging to face of travelers from various countries. English ability is extremely important for communication with them so as to meet their needs. As I contact foreign visitors often, my foreign language ability has improved a lot. I dared not to speak English to foreign tourists, but I had overcome it during my internship.

What left me the deepest impression was my praise received from a customer! I remember that a customer suddenly sneezed while having a meal, I quickly delivered a tissue to him. He thought that I was very considerate. And he wrote it down in Forte Hotel's customer comment form. When my director knew it, my director also praised me. I received the praise of a customer shortly after I started my internship, which boosted my confidence in my subsequent work.

Figure 1 Cooperative Student Wen Jun Wu

Figure 1 Cooperative Student Wen Jun Wu
source: shot by our team

2. What difficulties have you encountered during your internship ?
How did you solve them ?

For me, it is one of the most important things to communicate and coordinate with colleagues. I am most afraid of colleagues who are inattentive and self-centered. We need to think of ways to communicate and solve difficulties. Failure to communicate will delay our work and affect customers!

For such a situation, we must seek the help of our supervisor for coordination.

3. What did you learn the most in this industry?

"Warm and friendly" service is the most I learned at work. For example: foreign customers have different diet from Taiwanese. They prefer to eat bread in the morning, so I will remind kitchen to prepare a little more bread. When a customer asks you for help, you must keep smiling, patiently listen to the customer, and solve their problems. Warm and friendly service makes customers feel cozy and considerate.

They may re-visit or introduce others, so I grasp every opportunity to serve our customers.


The student's answer touched me. And I also want to become a student who studies while having internship! The students study while having internship contact society early and learn more than those at classroom. Their knowledge is not limited to textbooks. For instance, they greet and interact with foreign customer and understand the hardship to earn money. I learn that if one is enthusiastic about his work, I will endeavor to do it well in spite of any difficulties. Thus, it is important to find the job which you are interested in.