Housekeep Department Feng Ming Tu

1. What leaves the deepest impression to you?

Made customers feel that it was worth of living at our hotel. For instance, I helped to fold the clothes of a customer properly, which left a good impression to the customer.

Figure 1 Housekeep Department Feng Ming Tu

Figure 1 Housekeep Department Feng Ming Tu
source: shot by our team

2. What are the requirements for Housekeeping Department?

We shall put ourselves in the shoes of customers and have positive attitude and a happy mood so as to offer comfortable stay experience to customers. We shall tidy up rooms and make sure they are clean. And we shall know how to deal with the stuff left by customers.

3. If the hotel has any equipment issue, will you report to your superior or deal with it directly?

If items are damaged, I will ask the repairman to fix it first. If they cannot be fixed, I will report the names and number of the damaged items to my manager. Then our company will replace them. I will check if the equipment in rooms is damaged. If so,I will report to my team leader first, take photos, and send it to Reception Desk via LINE. Reception Desk will charge the damage fee from customers.


A housekeeper is tired. He/She needs to tidy up, supplement items, and check room facilities. Though they are trivial matters, it is not easy to do each of them well.