Manager Of Marketing Department Hong Yu Lin

1. What is the purpose of marketing?

"Service industry shall welcome the trouble of customers and customers." Business Group is responsible for promoting plans. It must have a good relationship with travel agencies. Its work is to promote, offer, and solicit businesses and promote planning content to travel agencies and relevant customers.

Figure 1 Manager of Marketing Department Hong Yu Lin

Figure 1 Manager of Marketing Department Hong Yu Lin
source: shot by our team

2. What leaves the deepest impression to you in your career?

In Kenting, I handled a case which left me a deep impression. It was NIKE's group for a Chinese high-level executive meeting. Chinese high-level executive meetings are mostly held abroad. They not only pay attention to work, but also experience the culture of each place. Thus, they selected Kenting that time. They planned to choose Caesar Park Hotel. But the latter refused after hearing their requirements. Even travel agency rejected them. Then, they called me. And I replied, "As long as you don't have problem with your budget, I can help solve any problems."

"The task is challenging. What they needed was that all the executives in various places of mainland China should arrive in Taiwan on the same day. I should arrange schedule and vehicles for them. As they were high-level executives, each should have their own car. And they dined and traveled to different places each day. It was really a tiring case!

All the travel agencies gave up, but I took it. We endeavor to earn money in this industry. If we don't strive for it, will money come to us? Business is to help our company make money. We must not give up impossible mission easily. But we shall turn "impossible into possible"!

3. How do you manage finance, service quality, and materials?

We increase value via package and sell products to customers at low prices to make them feel they were bargains. Previous data were used to confirm if our strategies were correct. We could only adjust previous planning and make it more exquisite. Thus, a management department shall predict the future, review the past, and make work more perfect based on experiences.

As of service quality, customer feedback form allows customers to leave their complaints or praise at the end of their trip. We will review and improve if there are any complaints from travel agencies or other hotels. I learned that: Design and planning shall not only take customers into consideration, but also surrounding environment and all things which may damage the hotel's reputation.

4. What are the requirements for Marketing Manager?

First, we shall not be afraid to the troubles of customers. And we take as many cases as possible and overcome any difficulties. Second, we shall have good math and analyze advantages and disadvantages. Although we cannot determine results, I can analyze the results and let my supervisor make the decision.


I learned a lot through the interview. Marketing Department is to promote businesses. Staffs need to convince people and have many creative ideas so as to attract customers. If you dare not sell products, you will never make money. That's what I learned from the Manager of Marketing Department.