Customer Reviews

To learn customers' opinions on Forte Hotel Changhua, we collected the positive and negative comments of customers online, which are summarized as follows:

1. Positive evaluation

Most tourists were satisfied with Forte Hotel Changhua. They believed it to be a quality hotel. Compared with other hotels in Changhua, Forte Hotel was ranked among the top, which proved that the operation model and service quality were recognized by customers. The positive comments made Forte Hotel know its own advantages and operation concepts and boosted the confidence of Forte Hotel employees.


Figure 1 Counter Check-In For Counter
source: shot by our team


Figure 2 Customers Had Meals Leisurely
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2. Negative evaluation

The suggestions of customers for Forte Hotel include: It should be tidier. And its services were not thoughtful enough. Forte Hotel would immediately deal with the suggestions of customers and ease the uncomfortable feelings of customers, because customers' complaints were of great value. Measures for improvement would be proposed in the report to directors.

To sum up, the purpose of the service industry: Customers are the CEO. Their complaints are not criticism but the basis for improvement. Forte Hotel knows how to accept the suggestions modestly and endeavors to improve them, so it is definitely the best choice of tourists.


Figure 3 Counter Answered Customer's Questions Carefully
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Figure 4 Chef Was Absorbed In Work
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