SWOT Analysis

"SWOT Analysis" was mainly used to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel and the opportunities and threats of external environment. It could help operators to manage and understand operation.



  1. It was the only 4-star hotel at Northern Changhua
  2. Chain operation with good brand effect
  3. Being close to tourist attractions
  4. It had several restaurants
  5. It was adjacent to the railway station. The traffic was convenient.
  1. The location of the hotel was remote
  2. There were too many competitors in the hotel industry



  1. It was adjacent to government agencies. There were more opportunities to hold parties to promote its popularity.
  2. It was affiliated to Howard Plaza Hotel, so it was easy to build brand image
  3. It had wedding hall, banquet hall, and rooms for banquet and wedding ceremony
  4. It provided job opportunities for locals
  5. It trained locals as its management to avoid outflow of talents
  1. The dishes were expensive
  2. It was close to Taichung City, so most customers choose hotels or restaurants in Taichung
  3. There were too many restaurants in the vicinity, so customers would not choose expensive Forte Hotel

Table 1 Key points of SWOT analysis
source: Discussion by the members


When I first contact SWOT analysis, I felt it was magical. Being simply a form, it could manage the operation of a hotel. Through this interview, I learn that Forte Hotel Changhua has many advantages and opportunities.

For SWOT analysis, I believe that every hotel wants more advantages and opportunities and less disadvantages and threats. I find that some facilities are unique for Forte Hotel. For instance, the wedding venue is very special. It can create a fantastic and happy wedding to new couples.