Hands-on Experience At Housekeeping Department

Each clean and tidy room is the outcome of room attendants. Their work content include:

1. To lay the bed

(1) Pillowcase

To take the old pillowcase out and insert the pillow in the new one properly. Shake the pillow and press it to get the air out with hand knife. Insert the two corners of the pillow into the pillowcase smoothly. And then place the pillow on the bed.

(2) Mattress cover

First, take out of the old mattress cover, and then drag out the bed a bit. Fold the new cover to 3/4, flatten it and place it on the bed. Insert the cover into the bottom of the mattress with hand knife and push the bed back. Hold the part remaining at the end of the bed, and insert it inside the bottom of the mattress with your right hand like hand knife. Flatten the cover.

(3) Quilt cover

First, take out and replace the old quilt cover. Find the ends of the cover and align them with those of the quilt. Pull the cover up and cover the quilt. Lay the quilt flat on the bed. And fold the quilt with hand knife and flatten it.

2. Bathroom

We first used detergent to clean the wash basin. We used a mob and a brush at the same time. Then, we sprayed detergent over the toilet and mob the outside of the toilet. We sprayed detergent in the shower room and used a spatula to the water to the drainage hole.

While pressing the faucet, we mobbed the shower room. We used a mob to wipe in circles from outside to inside and from bottom to top of the glass.

Finally, we mobbed the toilet from inside to outside, wipe the seat part from inside to outside, and wipe the toilet cover to top to bottom.

We rinsed and wipe the cup for brushing teeth. We moved our fingers inside the cup to clean it. Then, we wiped the water over the wash basin.

3. Items

(1) Room items:

Tea bags, instant noodles, kettle, cups, slippers, safe deposit box, shoe-cleaning cloth, laundry bag.

To place two tea cups and several different flavors of tea bags. Place two water cups on the cup mats with Forte Hotel logo and two bottles of mineral water with their labels facing front. Last, place a small snack on the table.

(2) Bathroom items:

Tooth mugs, comb, toothbrushes, razor, shower cap, floss picks, cotton swabs, mouthwash, cotton pads, and lotion.

To place the bathroom accessories in order from big to small, including towels. And place a trash bag over the trash can.

(3) Spare car:

All the items required in a room shall be placed in the car: Such as: big towel, midsize towel, small towel, cleaning tools, laundry bag, Tooth mugs, comb, toothbrushes, razor, shower cap, floss picks, cotton swabs, mouthwash, cotton pads, lotion, check list, tea bags,garbage bag, instant noodles, disposable slippers, and shoe-cleaning cloth.

4. Floor

First, suck the hair in the bedroom and bathroom, and the dust around the bed, and every corner.

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  1. shot by our team