Travel Planning

The northern part of Taiwan is metropolitan area. What scenic spots attract tourists? What scenic spots are like paradise?

The central region of Taiwan has pleasant climate, busy yet simple. Every holiday attracts a lot of tourists.

Along the southern coastal area, there is a vast sea area, sandbar, and sand lake. The area spanning from Budai Township, Chiayi to Cigu Lagoon, Tainan is the most developed area of fishing and salt industries in Taiwan.

Northern Taiwan

3-Day-2-Night Itinerary for Northern Taiwan

Day 1

Original residence of Chang Hsueh-liang, Wufeng, Hsinchu
→ Konig Cake Tourism Factory at Castella Land, Luzhu, Taoyuan
→ Daxi Old Street, Daxi, Taoyuan (lunch)
→ Baishajia Lighthouse, Guanyin, Taoyuan
→Forte Hotel Hsinchu

Day 2

Yehliu Geopark, Wanli, New Taipei
→ Wangyou Valley and Chaojing Park, Zhongzheng, Keelung
→ Tamsui Old Street, Tamsui, Taipei (lunch)
→ Diu Dang Forest, Yilan City
→ Yilan Dongshan River Villa

Day 3

Longtan Lake Scenic Area, Jiaosi, Yilan
→ Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, Datong, Yilan
→ Children's Amusement Park, Taipei

Daxi Old Street

Figure 1 : Daxi Old Street

Moon Light Cake

Figure 2 : Moon Light Cake in the Daxi Old Street

Original residence of Chang Hsueh-liang

Figure 3 : Original residence of Chang Hsueh-liang

Konig Cake Tourism FactoryX

Figure 4 : Konig Cake Tourism Factory

The Queen's Head Rockx

Figure 5 : The Queen's Head Rock

Diu Dang Forestx

Figure 6 : Diu Dang Forest

Tamsui Old StreetX

Figure 7 : Tamsui Old Street

Brown Sugar Cakex

Figure 8 : Brown Sugar Cake in the Tamsui Old Street

Central Taiwan

3-Day-2-Night Itinerary for Central Taiwan

Day 1

Gukeng Green Tunnel
→ Huwei Sugar Factory
→Aguo Big Mouth Squid Potage (lunch)
→admire the scenery of Sun Moon Lake by boat+stroll around Sun Moon Lake (dinner). Stay at Forte Hotel Changhua

Day 2

Changhua Roundhouse
→ Baguashan Scenic Area
→ Lukang Old Street (lunch)
→ Zhuifen Station
→ Dajia Mazu Temple
→ Fengjia Night Market (dinner). Stay at the Gongyuan branch of Taichung Forte Orange Hotel

Day 3

Taiwan Balloon Museum
→ Miaoli Hakka Culture Park
→ Green Ark Restaurant (lunch)
→ Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

Sun Moon Lake

Figure 9 : Sun Moon Lake

Handmade Black Tea Egg Rollsx

Figure 10 : Handmade Black Tea Egg Rolls (around Sun Moon Lake)

Lukang Old Streetx

Figure 11 : Lukang Old Street

Ox Tongue-Shaped BiscuitsX

Figure 12 : Ox Tongue-Shaped Biscuits (in the Lukang Old Street)

Baguashan Scenic Areax

Figure 13 : Baguashan Scenic Area

Dajia Mazu Templex

Figure 14 : Dajia Mazu Temple

Southern Taiwan

3-Day-2-Night Itinerary for Southern Taiwan

Day 1

→ Tainan Confucian Temple
→lunch- Chiu's Rice Noodle with Squid/ Taicheng Fruit Shop, Guohua Street, West Central District
→ Chimei Museum
→dinner- Dadong Night Market
→ stay at Kaohsiung- Ya Hsuan Daily Rental Suites

Day 2

breakfast - LaMorning Kitchen
→ Star Sand Bay
→lunch- Houbihu Fishing Port
→ South Bay
→ Kenting Street
→ stay at Ya Hsuan Daily Rental Suites, Kaohsiung

Day 3

breakfast - Toast Shop
→ Cijin Fishing Port
→ Cijin Old Street
→lunch- Cijin Not the Same Thick Pork Soup
→ Cijin seaside
→ eat some ice cream - Fuquan Ice Cream Parlor
→ Returning home

Tainan Confucian Temple

Figure 15 : Tainan Confucian Temple

Finger Puffs

Figure 16 : Finger Puffs (in the Tainan Confucian Temple)

South Bay

Figure 17 : South Bay

Chimei Museum

Figure 18 : Chimei Museum

Cijin Old Street

Figure 19 : Cijin Old Street

Mrs. Pengsao Sweet Potato Puffs

Figure 20 : Mrs. Pengsao Sweet Potato Puffs (in the Cijin Old Street)

Cijin Fishing Port

Figure 21 :Cijin Fishing Port

Kenting Street

Figure 22 : Kenting Street


  1. Original Residence Of Chang Hsueh-liang、Konig Cake Tourism Factory、Yehliu Queen's Head、Diu Dang Forest Forest
  2. Daxi Old Street
  3. Tamsui Old Street
  4. Moonlight Cake
  5. Brown Sugar Cake
  6. Baguashan Scenic Area
  7. Lukang Old Street
  8. Dajia Mazu Temple
  9. Recommended souvenirs to buy around Sun Moon Lake—Handmade Black Tea Egg Rolls
  10. Recommended souvenirs to buy in the Lukang Old Street—Ox Tongue-Shaped Biscuits
  11. Tainan Confucian Temple
  12. Chimei Museum
  13. Cijin Old Street
  14. E LUAN BI Lighthouse、 Kenting Street
  15. Cijin Fishing Port
  16. Finger Puffs
  17. Mrs. Pengsao Sweet Potato Puffs