About Forte Hotel Changhua

Forte Hotel Changhua was founded in 2012 by Mr. Tung-han Liao, the Vice-Chairman of Howard Plaza Hotel and affiliated to Forte Hotel Group. Forte Hotel was built on the basis of Howard Plaza Hotel's business model and practical experience. And it has a professional team of management. The management and employees follow the business philosophy of Howard Plaza Hotel's founder: "Integrity, Respect, Enthusiasm, Responsibility, and Diligence" to develop new business, and take care of all the employees based on the idea that "Employees are the most important assets of Forte Hotel."

Forte Hotel Changhua has 7 types of room. Its special and convenient internal facilities include commerce center, self-service laundry room, and gym, which demonstrate the comprehensive care of the hotel. It also has a U-BIKE station outside the hotel, which makes transportation more convenient!

Location map of the hotel

Forte Hotel Changhua is a four-star hotel in Changhua with excellent service attitude and internal facilities. It is a convenient and comfortable hotel, as it is near many good restaurants and scenic sports.

Figure 1 Location map of the hotel

Figure 1 Location map of the hotel
source:Google Map

Go from Changhua system of National Road 1 towards Line 19. Then, you will reach Zhongyang Road and the North-South Highway. When you see the Local Tax Bureau of Changhua County, turn right to Jianbao Street.

1/F Floor Plan

(1) Food Journey Restaurant:

It is a restaurant of food without border, which supplies three meals a day with buffet.

(2) Crescent Restaurant:

It mainly includes dim sum with Chinese and Hong Kong styles. It provides self-service salad and sales with carts. It supplies lunch and dinner.

(3) Pastry Restaurant:

Limited delicate bread with great look and taste is supplied here. Each pastry is under NTD 100. Those who don't check in can also buy it.

(4) Reception counter:

It serves people who check in.

(5) World Time Clock

It presents time through LED light, from which time of all nations can be known. It is the highlight of the first floor (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 1/F Floor Plan

Figure 2 1/F Floor Plandrawn by Chia-ting

2/F Floor Plan

(1) Forte Hall:

It can accommodate 40 tables/400 people, which is mainly for wedding party and small activities.

(2) VIP Hall:

It can accommodate one big table/20 people, which is equipped with sofa, LCD TV, and other equipment.

(3) Summer Lotus Hall:

It can accommodate 10 tables/100 people with TV.

(4) Spring Orchid Hall:

It can accommodate 10 tables/100 people with karaoke equipment.

(5) Lily Hall:

It can accommodate a table/10 people, which is a small customized meeting room.

(6) Jasmine Hall:

It can accommodate a table/10 people, which is a small customized meeting room.

Figure 3 2/F Floor Plan

Figure 3 2/F Floor Plandrawn by Chia-ting