Hero Of Forte

Running His Own Business—Tung-han Liao

Mr. Tung-han Liao, the former Vice Chairman of Howard Plaza Hotel, gave up the position to start his own business in order to avoid the disagreement and bad influence on brotherhood. Mr. Tung-han Liao is the only one who experienced the complete investment and management of hotel among the nine brothers. Under favorable conditions of time, location, and people, Liao devoted himself and demonstrated his talents at Forte Hotel. He visited mainland China and found that fair price hotels sprang up like mushroom. So he used the concept of fair price, looked for old buildings which needed rebuilt in Taiwan, and took the first step to run Forte Hotel.

Figure 1 Dong Han Liao President

Figure 1 Dong Han Liao President
source:Joint Financial Network

Forte Hotel's facilities and key points of design—Clean, bright, comfortable, and convenient

Stepping into Forte Hotel, you will see the tidy, comfortable, and bright lobby, with a crystal lamp, shining. And there is a cake cafe named Pastry Rrstaurant, which is equipped with wooden bread racks; Food Journey Restaurant is designed to match music and wallpapers. Crescent Restaurant is matched with lights to illuminate food, and decorated.

With bird figures, which is quite creative in bathroom, dry and wet parts are separated. There is no bath tub but shower, which makes it easier to tidy up and save water. Closets without slide doors save expensive carpentry costs. Decoration and design are in line with economic effectiveness and convenience. In addition, Forte Hotel has Wi-Fi in the lobby and rooms. And there are public computers in the lobby so that customers can access to the Internet for free.


I realized the determination of Mr. Tung-han Liao to start his own business and also understood the meaning of "No pains, no gains". What really matters is how much you learn, how hard you try, and how much you devote. "Success" needs a lot of efforts. That's how Forte Hotel is created. Mr. Tung-han Liao's courage of entrepreneurship is worth of learning.


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