Assistant Manager Chi-hsia Liao
and all the rest staffs

1. Accepting the interviews
2.Providing the data required (posters, slides, photos, and so on)
3.Introduction to Forte Hotel


Mei-fang Cheng
Si-yun Wang
Chun-lin Huang

1. Guiding professional photography skills and essentials
2. Guiding this project and website production
3. Correcting errors and offering solutions
4. Guiding interview skills and matters needing attention
5. Assisting visit pickup


Team Leader:
Yu-hsien Yang

1. Leading the team
2. Assigning jobs and helping team members
3. Providing relevant suggestions
4. Organizing visit materials
5. Writing research journals
6. Supervising the website production progress of team members
7. Supervising articles editing
8. Proofreading the articles
9. Writing research journals


Group Leader:
Chien-chen Huang
Yi-chen Huang

1. Assisting Team Leader to assign jobs
2. Supervising and reminding team members to finish their jobs according to schedule
3. Organizing visit materials
4. Pointing out errors and helping to solve
5. Tasks related to website production
6. Writing research journals


Photography Group:
Shih-yin Huang
Hsiu-hua Chan

1. Learning photography skills and operations
2. Providing related suggestions
3. Recording group activities and research activities during the visit with camera
4. Capturing the important moments with camera
5. Organizing and uploading graphic files
6. Writing research journals


Interview Group / Word Editing:
Yu-hsien Yang ,Chien-chen Huang
Yi-chen Huang ,Shih-yin Huang
Hsiu-hua Chan ,Chia-ting Kuo,
Kai-jung Shih ,Sheng-kai Hsu,
Chieh-chi Huang, Yi-chin Huang

1. Coordinating the collection time and relevant jobs to finish jobs on time
2. Supervising article progress of team members
3. Interviewing relevant staffs
4. Organizing the materials after interviews
5. Participating in the writing and editing of online articles
6. Providing relevant opinions
7. Writing research journals and progress reports