2017 International CyberFair
My heart left in Kenting 』Narrative

Project overview


Local Sightseeing Resources


Conditions of Internet Connection:

We finished our project at school , and the condition os connection was just OK. But , some of us don`t have a well-functioned computer , mostly we finished our work at school during nap-time .


We encountered and overcome challenges:

1. Software application:

Some of us just joined the team , and they were not familiar with the software .


We asked our senior who graduated 2 years ago. He spent the weekend showing how to make the website.


2. Insufficient time of making the websit:

Because of homework and exams , and other extracurricular lessons , we didn`t have enough time making the website.


We spent the nap-time and every recess after classes and . And when it`s about time for exams , our teachers would help us with schoolwork.


3. Procedures:

We delayed for many reasons , such as date with the interviewees . And the integration time with the information we collected . What really matters is the final work . No matter how great our data are , if we didn`t finish it in time , everything would be in vain. We had to focus on the limit of time .


Our teacher and parents helped us follow the plan and reduce the time for having fun . They asked us to use time wisely.



We have learned a lot from this project. During the visits , there were great lessons and experiences , such as scuba diving and other water games. The great food in Kenting..... the coaches showed us how to conserve the ocean and the Earth . We felt really touched . What`s more , we learned about history of Kenting. The most important part is that we learned how to work together as a team . It took abilities of language and website techniques , and those were what we should work harder to improve ourselves.Special thanks to our teachers and parents who spent much time with us . We hope whoever come to Kenting will love this place and cherish it .