The origin of the name “Kenting”


The story of place names

"Kenting" the origin of the name is three reign of qing emperor guangxu years, the qing court ZhaoFu bureau raised from guangdong chaozhou area of able-bodied man to the cultivation, to commemorate the plowed, with rev mountain "Ken" strong "ding", which will be called "kenting" here.Kenting in big rod site of Lao mountain foothills, this is just a small place, generally refers to kenting road night market today (still in big rod) below.Due to the later became a national park, it often refers to the whole testing, peninsula tourist areas.

The development of Japanese

Hen chung peninsula formed the plan in the latter period of Japanese colonial rule of national park is some scholars advocate.In Taiwan, the first three places on DaTun, alishan, taroko national park was established before, professor of geology at the university of early April 1936 Taipei empire sitting in his essay "the Taiwan の national park," think existing alishan, taroko national park are more or less the same lofty mountains region, advocates in imperial Japan to testing, the only tropical peninsula add national park, scope for taitung and pingtung line south of all regions, including big in wushan mountains.On Feb. 5, the Taiwan daily newspaper column of a professor also echoed a Taipei imperial university, think big in wushan formed by basking the gu stone to hen chung hills for "a unique landscape and wind-induced", in addition also have four heavy creek, hot springs and the ryukyu island, set up "quite massive national park is not impossible".

Evolution so far

Today's kenting national park in September 1, 1982 announcement of the plan, but only hen chung town and the nearby waters, mountains.Later on January 1, 1984 management office, to Taiwan after the war's first national park.Big in wushan area is established on January 13, 1988 large offspring of nature reserves, the ryukyu island, delimit mirs bay national scenic area.



Kenting national park is in the postwar period in Taiwan established the first national park, established in 1984, belonging to the construction department of the ministry of the interior, consists of administration.All located in pingtung county, Taiwan's southernmost testing, peninsula, land area of 18084 hectares, sea area of about 15206 hectares, total nearly 33290 hectares, the park, north and south is about 24 km long, about 24 km wide from east to west, all belong to the tropics, is one of the popular tourist attractions in Taiwan.

Kenting national park is located in the southern tip of Taiwan's most testing, peninsula, surrounded by sea on three sides the east Pacific Ocean, west Taiwan strait and the bashi channel in the south.Land west of scope including guishan to south terrace scarp of red wood and coastal zones, including southern Long Luan pool of cat nose, south bay, south kenting national forest recreation areas, goose process, water along the Pacific on the east coast via jiale, benevolence mountains north to south.Waters include south bay waters and guishan by cat nose, goose process between north to south the kernel bay, a mile from the shore in the sea.


Unique Terrain

Kenting national park is the only national park covers the land and sea in China, the main island of Taiwan is also the only tropical area.Special terrain, abundance of plants and animals, and the unique customs, is not only the conservation of environmental education, research, museum of nature, is the national leisure tourist such as the south lake ren, Long Luan tam, big rod mountain, stone and sails, make kenting domestic first notice the establishment of national park.

Long Pan park is located in between the goose process and the wind blowing sand.This area belongs to the rise of limestone terrace, due to limestone dissolution by water, so in a limestone cave, seepage hole caving cliff, clay and so on the landscape.Park in savannah, but from the steep cliff overlooking under the twists and turns of the coast.Light pollution is less, this area is suitable for watching the sunrise and the stars at night.

Unique Eco-system

Kenting national park geographical belongs to the tropical climate zone, at the age of air temperature is warm, tropical plants derived, surrounded by waters clear, coral growth.Kenting is both rich in natural resources, warm climate, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, attracting about four million visitors each year to experience the natural experience, precious resources rich.Due to the tropical climate, there are many different kinds of plants, and there are many representative, and the need to properly take care of the plant area.In such a rich plant environment possess the kenting diverse wildlife, adding angry for the beauty of the kenting.Observers here, listen to the tao, make use of the park trails system, tourist center, with a trip to the intellectual, emotional both trip to kenting national park.



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