2017 International CyberFair
My heart left in Kenting 』Narrative

Plan elements

Please explain your Special Research Project team is how to meet the "Taiwan School Cyberfair" object and purpose:

How You engage the "Taiwan Cyberfair school" campaign topic to combine research projects and nine-year teaching and school-based curriculum?

We study the “local tourist industry " to introduce our local tourism resources.We Visited Kenting in person , and recorded the local features. This corresponds with the indicators of Social Study of the Grade 1-9 Curriculumlearning assessment .

Academic Attainment Indicators:
1-2-1Describe the local or regional natural and cultural features
1-3-2 Understand local customs and the formation of the background, the significance of traditional festivals, custom and its importance in life.
4-1-1Getting close to nature, and care for nature and lives.

As for the website editing , we spent lots of time talking about how enrich our website , making the words more beautiful in the begining . This corresponds with the indicators of Language Arts of the Grade 1-9 Academic Attainment Indicators

Academic Attainment Indicators:
2-2-3-3 Able to develop ability to listen carefully and summarized key points
3-3-1 To share and appreciate , to develop good writing attitude and interest through observation
3-7-10-3 To collect, sort and analyze the data from reading, and follow the clues to solve the problem.Overall, visiting and text editing and web page creation is "comprehensive activity" learning areas ", we realized the power of the team, and everyone is an indispensable role.
3-1-2 To understand the significance of teamwork and care about team members.

What information resources and technologies did you used to complete your NGO CyberFair project?

Our team create web pages used the tools and information sources:

Technological Equipment



Smart Phones connection(Parent or store)、Shoot(Photos and videos)
Internet (GOOGLE) Data transmitting/collecting map downloading

 photos-processing word-editing website-making


 Microsoft Word 2013


 Microsoft Expression Web4



what kind of Special Research Project produce impact and shock on your team?

From the process of making the project, we know better about Kenting , which is unexpectedly a combination of beauty and the humanities Kenting has not only many exotic cuisines and its culture is full of diverse colors.Its richniess in beautiful scenery promotes the development of economy and business, like coral reefs in the special terrain or sunshine at the beach.Its multicultures satisfied all the different types of tourists .
During each visit , it also giave us many new experiences, like snorkelling and water facilities, etc.As for making webpages, it requires team work, each time it is like a huge task and was like battling, too , word processing photo editing, ...etc ,but we just had limited time completing the schedule of the day. Yet we were all willing to because it`s what we`d love to do .


How do your plan change your place?

Our project is to promote the local tourism industry because we want to let more people know about Kenting, which is such a beautiful place.We visited Kenting,experienced exciting snorkeling, ate local food , had special interaction with local coaches and felt the enthusiasm of the coach as well.We will record what we have experienced in Kenting on our website and hope that people can realize the real experience from the trip through the our website.


Respect intellectual property rights and citation

Respect intellectual property rights and reference Because of copyright issues, if there is any picture that is not acquired on our own, we will clearly underline the sources , so as not to infringe others' intellectual property rights.


Discovery , reflections and surprises

Due to the vague pictures we found on the Net , we had to go back to take some more photos . As we finished collecting the information we needed , we would soon turned them into texts as soon as possible in case that we forget about the details . The webpage editing was really overwhelming , and it required teamwork and much effort to complete it .
The lesson we learned this time is be punctual . We almost lost the chance to go snorkeling.


What method do your school use to play a role in the local region?

We introduce our local tourism industry through the website.We browsed the photos and the texts on the Internet or in person . Though there might be some incidents on the way , we still gained lots of assistance. Without their help , it wouldn't go so smoothly.The owners of the shops knew about this project that we are making , they gave us help and encouragement. We are really thankful for them.


Techniques we learned

During the process of making webpages, we learned how to form a page, insert a hyperlink , and so on .
This made us all familiar with the techniques of making a website.
We want our website simple and clear , so the information will be obvious, and the browser will get the main idea soon. Therefore the selection of information is the key factor. We talked about the topic , and then searched the information we needed, and talked over and over again .
That was how we make our web site.


Concepts of cooperation

We learned many methods to work together. For instance, the work for visiting , making webpages , and so on . We had a close bond with each other gradually. Though we really wanted to work together for this project , we still had lot of schoolwork to do and many exam to take.So we had to use our time wisely . We used our nap-time and weekends . After school, we got together from 5 ~8 PM to finish our project.Though it was really hardworking , we had close bonds with each other.