The only local children's theater in Changhua

  In the industry society, everyone is rushing their life day by day and forget how to really enjoy life. Leading a busy but restless routine seems all we have. How sad it is. Children save time for their 3C products instead of enjoying the nature and childhood. Parents occupy themselves with heavy work. We all get lost and don’t know how to appreciate life anymore. This is not the life we should have.

  Art and Drama can release our tension and bring back children’s smiles again. It let our imagination fly and return to the innocent self.  The story, actors, stage setting and music show us how to live our life again and reflect what we have lost. In our homeland, there are so many art and cultural organizations thrive for better work for us and try hard to create inspiring art environment for you and me. Today, we have the opportunity for cyberfair program. We want to make the credit to the children's theater in Changhua for their outstanding jobs. 


  Shengang is the hometown of immigranting birds and is rich in intertidal zone. However, as a northern rural town in Changhua, many people leave their hometown for a better job in the city. A lot of children were raised by their grandparents and lacked of  art cultivation. Members of the troupe wanted to make efforts and helped them to appreciate the beauty in their hometown. This was also one of the reasons why they want to started a children’s theater for Shengang and Changhua as well.

  The troupe started from their hometown~ Shengang and made lots of drama tours around Changhua. They also had some workshops for the communities. Their goal was to bring more people involved in the children drama and build a positive climate for the art environment. Of course, they had also encountered harsh time, but in the process of dealing with these difficulties, these members learned how to use a bright mood to face the hard time. They stick to their value and keeping forward.


Starting from their own homeland.

In 2003, five people had a big dream to create a theater company belonging to Changhua ~ Taiwan Brandy bottle troupe.

taken the first step to learn how to act.

Although our performance was not perfect, but we learned not only the knowledge but skills behind it. See~ I was inspired to stand on the stage now.