The records and reflections of visiting Ping-Peng-Cao Troupe

I. What is my impression of “performance” before joining this activity?

  Before we join this activity, our knowledge about performance is old. Some actors use their body and oral language to express a story based on the script in order to entertain audience. Besides, actors are not well trained, and acting is not a real job.

II. After this activity, what do I learn about performance?

  After a one-day class, we learned a lot from the troupe leader, including the definition of performance. We abandoned our wrong, old impression, and  reopen our mind to know the real performing art.
  We understood the definition of “performance.” It comes from ancient wizards’ movements while praying blessing. Modern performances include stages, actors, lights, audience and music. Any place can be a stage to grow art. Actors need long-term training to get chances to act on the stage. When they act, they try to immerse themselves in the roles so that they make a successful drama. Except for actors, workers off the stage and directors cooperate with each other and make a perfect performance. And don’t forget the audience, a good performance will always link audience and actors together.


III. As a actor, what does he need? How to make a performance attractive?

  As a actor, he must meet many diffiiculties. A happy and successful actor must have certain passion for acting so that he or she will devote himself into every practice and performance. Besides, he should be able to adjust to the environment and he can react to different accidents. On the stage, actors’ confidence attracts audience; his emtions better the play. Most importantly, the editor who gave birth to the play is an indispensible element.

IV. What do I learn about actors’ characters and efforts from this activity?

  In order to give the best performance on the stage, actors need to practice again and again. Also, their reflection, passion, and concentration are important. So, the process is not easy, actors get tired. But they have to face, to overcome and to stand again after failures. Mistakes never stop a real actor. They keep trying and never give up, with such preserverance, they solve all the difficulties and give good performances.


V. What Ping-Peng-Cao has are simple environment and limited fund, but all of them selfishlessly devote themselves into children play. Why can they keep doing that?

Ping-Peng-Cao only owns a tiny space for practice. But they do a lot of things there, including recruitment of new members, matching background music, designing the stage, and so on. Sometimes, they have to earn money because the government doesn’t give them enough. With huge passion, they try so hard to promote art activities. The actors and the leader have a dream which is to pass down the performing art. However, few teenagers has interest in this. Therefore, the age level of the troupe actors gets higher and higer every year. This phenomena might lead to a lost. So, the troupe tries to aviod it by holding an experience camp. The art can’t be missing.


VI. My reflction to this activity.

  What Ping-Peng-Cao has are a small workshop reconstructed from a parking lot and little money, but it never stops their passion. After a half-day art performance course, we learned something different from that in textbooks. A real performance is not just about movements, a quiet expression is also a performance. We can paint, and we can be soft. Pine Smoke(cursive II) from Cloud Gate Dance Theatre makes a good example.
  We learned a lot from this visit and courses. In few hours, we interacted with the leader and had a better understanding about the troupe. Also, we learned something more about actors through a little game.
  The leader had a day-off so that they could have a day for us. Her passion is one of a kind. Without the leader or audience’s support, there will be no Ping-Peng-Cao. Thanks for them, we had a wonderful art class.


Although the face of many difficulties,
They are still optimistic
Positive face.

We put the wrong traditional ideas, stereotypes, re-open, holding the mentality of new knowledge to understand the performing arts.

Take our first step,
Become a troupe.

Everything is done by the efforts of many people, although only a small behind the scenes staff, he is also a theater of the souls, are indispensable.