• 1. Mrs. Chen's feedback
  • 2. Mrs. Tang's feedback
  • 3. To Mr. Chen
  • 4. To Mr. Shu
  • 5. To Our Teachers

Parents' feedback from Chen Haofeng's mother about our cooking activity of Gueilai Burdock

My child came back with the Burdock I had never cooked. It made me a little dumbfounded. But he carefully taught me how to cook the burdock. While I drank Burdock soup with corn meat having ginseng aroma, it warmed up my stomach. I did not expect that a simple cooking could let us enjoy such delicious food. Burdock, what is so-called one of three treasures of Gueilai is worthy of a try!

At the beginning of the sixth grade, my child was eager to talk to me that he participated in this project learning activity, which he would visit the farmer and understand the growth process of Gueilai Burdock. As a mother, I thought my son was so excellent that he took part in this project.
I was looking forward he had the patience to complete this special job.

Once I saw the teacher on the road with my child. They were going to the Burdock field to investigate on Wednesday afternoon. Every time he came back, he would share the new discovery!

I think learning can become more colorful by promoting the local culture of Gueilai Burdock at school. Every time when he shares the new discovery with me, I think that learning the local culture is helpful for making learning become different.

The intention of the teacher is worthy of more than 100 times thumbs up. At 5:30 in the morning, the day was not yet bright. The teacher took my child to the Burdock fields for the video recording. Complicated works were all completed by children and the teacher little by little as well as photography and dubbing work.


Parents' feedback from Tang Yunrong's mother's about our cooking activity of Gueilai Burdock

A seed ~ a burdock ~ a pot of burdock wolfberry chicken soup. From the beginning to the end, I was deeply touched! Mrs. Tang said: “Because of the participation of Tang Yunrong, I saw her efforts and growth. I also feel the real vitality of Gueilai burdock. This research activity also increased the interaction between parents and my children.”

Until each child can have an in-depth understanding and personal experience, Gueilai burdock can be inherited down. This activity will be able to become a major feature of Gueilai elementary school. The classroom of nature is the paradise of children!


Our thanks to Mr. Chen

1. Chen Haofeng:
Thank you, Carl Chen! Although you had been very busy, you also took the time to be interviewed by us and taught us about Burdock knowledge. You really helped us a lot.

2. Chen Minjie:
I am thankful for you. You let us have the opportunity to visit the greenhouse organic Burdock field, to participate in this year's Burdock cultivation and to learn the growth process of Burdock. You helped us to have a better understanding of the Gueilai Burdock. You actively promote the Gueilai Burdock to the whole Taiwan and even to the world, so that the whole world can see our Gueilai.

3. Hong Chenyu:
Mr. Chen, Thank you for taking the time to accept our interview. Every time I saw you, you were busy. You must be a very enthusiastic people on the Burdock and are willing to pay so much time for Burdock. When you took us to visit the burdock field, I thought you may lose tens of thousands dollars! You must be the legendary people whose time is cash.
If we wanted to meet with you, you always had to make yourself available for our appointment in the busy. Thank Mr. Chen for being willing to share your precious burdock secrets with us and make our reports more wonderful.

4. Tang Yunrong:
Every time we interviewed Mr. Chen,
I felt very happy.
I always learned a lot of knowledge about Burdock.
I found that I had a better understanding of Burdock!
Planting organic burdock is a great job!
Organic Burdock is safe for people to eat and to eat without fear.
You benefit many people.
I hope that more and more people plant organic Burdock in the Gueilai and carry it forward.

5. Lin Hongjun
I am thankful to you, Mr. Chen for taking us to visit your Burdock field. You also introduced the use of the machine and taught us the characteristics of Burdock. You helped us to experience the process of burdock farming and we learned that how hardworking a Burdock farmer must be!

6. Chen Shangruu
Thank you, Mr. Chen, for taking us to visit the burdock field, and also introduced us a lot of farming machines and how to operate them. You also taught us how to operate the seed belts machine. I wondered if there was S-type or crooked long burdock during harvest. (just a joke!)

7.Instructor Kao Chinming

Thank you, Carl Chen!

This is the second year that we participate in the Cyberfair project. Although Carl Chen is always busy in his business, he is always willing to support our project. After we contacted with Carl Chen in last summer vacation, he proceeded to make a plan for making the results of our project into teaching materials and media of Gueilai Burdock's industry.

Can you imagine a man who has to manage dozens of Burdock fields, the monthly shipment of Burdock products, and always planning the development of Gueilai Burdock never refuses our request for our project?

I met Carl Chen several times on the way between the factory and the office. He was always in the hurry for Gueilai Burdock.

In the process of our project, Carl Chen always guided children to carry out various activities personally and always answered children's questions in detail. He was always so concentrated in answering children's questions that children always said Carl Chen was very serious about their questions. I think the Kingdom of Gueilai Burdock is built on this serious attitude toward everything! To Carl Chen, it is a belief to make Pingtung Gueilai Burdock become a world best brand of Burdock.


Our thanks to Mr. Shu

1. Chen Haofeng:

Thank you, Mr. Shu. You are not only a grocery store owner but also the burdock field landlord. Although you were always busy, you taught us a lot of knowledge about Burdock and how to dig Burdock for the first time in my life.

2. Chen Minjie:

Thank you, Mr. Shu. for welcoming us to your Burdock field for observation and record at any time. When we had any problems on the burdock, you always answered carefully and the answer was very detailed. Every time we were to your Burdock field, you were so kind to invite us to have drinks. Thank you for guiding us how to grow burdock and observe the growth of the burdock day by day.

3. Hong Chenyu:

Mr. Shu, thank you. You always met our needs of project activities. Every time we had to ask you for help, we really felt embarrassed. You were very seriously told us about burdock every time. I think burdock farming must be very hard, so I hope you can have a good harvest every year.

4. Tang Yunrong:

Thank you for guiding us to plant burdock.
You let me have better understandings about Burdock cultivation and management.
You always kindly taught us.
We learned more and more knowledge about Burdock.
I really appreciate your teaching . I always came home with much knowledge every time.
I hope you have a good harvest this year!

5. Lin Hongjun:

Thank you, Mr. Shu. Through your explanation, we understood that there would be some difficulties in the cultivation of burdock. Thank you for introducing Burdock to us during our interview.

6. Chen Shangruu:

I am thankful for you that you often gave us so many drinks and biscuits. They were so delicious!
Thank you for guiding us from Burdock sowing to the process of burdock harvest.

7.Instructor Kao Chinming:

Mr. Shu once told me that he remembered the day he was chatting with friends that local students should have outdoor teaching activities about how to grow burdock, yam beans and so on in October 2016. Three days later, we called him for asking the historical question about Gueilai Burdock. There is no story without coincidences. Maybe it is just right time for our project.

Maybe Gueilai Mazu heard my pray for a successful project. Our project got a lot of help from Mr. Shu. Because Mr. Shu always met the needs of the children to observe and record during this project, the children's inquiry activities were carried out smoothly.

In the process, Mr. Shu sacrificed a lot of burdocks for the children to observe and record.    In fact, it touched my heart that each burdock was the kid needed to be raised up for him. I was thinking that he sincerely wanted to share his precious 30-years experiences by doing this and also hoped that the results of our project could make him proud. I still remembered that when Mr.Shu dug out one big size Burdock in the burdock harvest, he was proud to say it's true that I am good at burdock farming.

Because we had to record the complete growth process of burdock, Mr. Shu suggested that we should take part in burdock test in 82nd days after knowing the duration of the production of the project website. Trying to dig Burdock was designed by his careful thought for us. Generally speaking, Burdock can be harvested at least 105th day to 135th day.

What touched us most was that when we asked Mr. Shu to accept the children's live video interview several times, he never said no to us. Though he was not used to facing the camera. Thank you, Mr. Shu, for helping us to finish many records of Gueilai Burdock, the important historical and cultural assets of Gueilai Burdock.


Our thanks to our teachers!

1. Chen Haofeng:

I must thank my teachers. Were it not for my teachers, I might not have interviewed others and finished this project with my teammates. I also experienced the first time to dig burdock in my life. Without my teachers, there might have no such research results today ~

2. Chen Minjie:

Thank you, my teachers.

From the beginning to finishing this project, you always accompanied and helped us. In the interview, you always reminded us to be polite. As to writing, you would remind us to grasp the key points and do not write nonsense. When we went to burdock fields for observation, you reminded that we should pay attention to some rules. Please do not violate. Thank you, my teacher, for accompanying us all the way to finish this hard work.

3. Hong Chenyu:

Thank you for taking us to the Gueilai burdock fields. There were many things there to help us to make the report. Without your help, the report would not be excellent. You are our best adult partners. Everytime you taught us how to make the report, you must be tired after it! Because it was a hard work to keep our mouths shut.

4. Tang Yunrong:

Thank you, my teacher!
Thank you for your guidance.
I learned that how to plant Burdock and how to make our reports.
Now I am very familiar with Burdock!
Next time, I would like to participate in this project again.

5. Lin Hongjun :

Thank my teachers for guiding us to participate in this project. It not only let us learn a lot of knowledge but also made us know that planting Burdock is very hard. So we should cherish Gueilai Burdock.

6. Chen Shangru:

Thank you for your guidance. You let me know how to do research. Although to be a small reporter was tiring, I think it was worth by the end of the time.