• 1. From Mr. Chen
  • 2. From Mr. Shu

Feedback from Mr. Chen, Chien-Hsing


The 2013 Shennong Award winner、
The leader of the 13th Class of Pingtung City Agricultural Production and Marketing Group

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It's my honor to participate in this project. I think this is a meaningful research project. It can help children to make a thorough investigation into Burdock and sort out the relevant information.

Through the activities, our children can involve in the local industrial culture of Burdock and make their contributions to it. They can actually understand the cultural and historical significance of the local industry. Through the actual participation, they can truly understand the operation of the industry. This kind of activity helps to build the brand culture of local Burdock. Because of the unique cultural background, project like this can be a good outdoor teaching activities. Through the project, we can let our children to understand the development of the Burdock industry.

Results of the project can be developed into school characteristics teaching materials, and can be used as resources of theme lesson for other school to learn about Gueilai area. This kind of learning can help develop the culture of the characteristic Burdock industry and is also a very meaningful learning of Burdock industry.


Feedback from Mr. Hsu, Fu-Shan


Experience of Burdock planting for more than 30 years

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Our Gueilai area has three agricultural products which are Burdock, Yam Bean and Green Onion. This year, our Gueilai Elementary School had a research project of Burdock.

And teacher Kao and Yeh brought their students to my Burdock field to cultivate Burdock from a seed with glutinous rice sized, and after one, two and three months of growing, and now is almost the time to harvest. And then we can see that a seed which is so little grow into almost two meters long from leaves to root.

In future, I hope Gueilai Elementary School can bring students to participate from soil preparing, sowing to harvesting of both Burdock and Yam Bean.