We had “six first” after completing this project.



  • 1. Distribution
  • 2. Burdock History
  • 3. First Photo
  • 4. First Report
  • 5. First Video
  • 6. First Time-lapse

The first time to illustrate the distribution of Burdock fields.

We use the data to illustrate the distribution of Gueilai Burdock fields. Burdock fields are mainly distributed within a distance of 1 km from the Gueilai Railroad station.

We want to know how many burdock fields appear at Gueilai this October. What is the scope of the distribution? But there is no such information on the Internet. We collected and inquired about the position and location of burdock fields and then imported the data into Google My Maps. We also used its measurement tool to measure the distribution of the Gueilai Burdock fields.


The first time to show the complete history of Pingtung Gueilai Burdock. (From Japanese Occupation period to 2000 A.D.)

We make a complete presentation of the history of Gueilai Burdock (from the Japanese occupation to the Republic of China). We find that Pingtung Gueilai was one of Taiwan's earliest planting burdock areas during the Japanese occupation period. It was recorded in  the “The ninth AkauShichō Farmers’ Association” of “Taiwan Agricultural Document” which published on September 25th, 1912(The 1st year of Taishō era)

 (Resources from Image System for Periodicals of the Japanese – ruled Period.)

The history of Gueilai Burdock was mostly heard from the local older people. We wondered that
if there were written information we could consult. Our project was the first time for historical data collection and collation of the Gueilai Burdock cultivation.

We collected information from the period of the Japanese occupation through the Republic of China in the period of the 1970s, the 1980s, and the 1990s in journals, magazines, and newspapers. We used the websites ,including electronic resources in the Japanese periodicals of the National Taiwan Library and the company of abundance.


The first photo of the roots of 26 days' Burdock.

Burdock roots we see are mostly after harvested. Most people can not see Burdock roots that grow in the soil. How fast are the growth rate of burdock roots? We can see that the Burdock root of 26 days can grow to 56 cm long from this picture!


The first report of introducing the special flavor of Gueilai Burdock.

How fragrant and tasty is Pingtung Gueilai Burdock?
We first interviewed teachers, the alternative service, and students who were not the locals to understand their impressions of burdock. After that, we invited them to eat burdock soup and then told us how they felt!


The first video of introducing the origin and features of Gueilai Burdock by using local scenery.

If we want to introduce the origin and characteristics of Gueilai Burdock through the local scenery, we have to do it by ourselves. We used the camera to collect the characteristic scenery of Gueilai and the opportunity of planting burdock in organic burdock field of the greenhouse to shoot Burdock planting introduction. Then, we made our own Burdock introduction video record.


The first time-lapse photography of  recording the complete growing of Gueilai Burdock.

If we want to see video record of Gueilai Burdock from seeds to 2 meters Burdock, it is not found on the Internet. We used the opportunity of this project to record complete growth process of Gueilai Burdock.