Wannian River related reports

We have reported several reports on the Wannian River, some of which may have been published early in the 2011 Wannian River remediation program, some of which may be reported during the remediation process and after the completion of the Wannian River remediation program to improve sightseeing Please follow us to watch the history of the Wannian River incident.
1."Golden Chicken festive Lantern Festival" 2017 Pingtung imagery creative ingenuity, Wannian River step lights each other shine
2. Pingtung Lantern Festival debut Wannnian River into the river of light
3. Wannian River lanterns become FB fire red spots
4. Remediation Pingtung Wannian River will remove more than 20 gold storefront
5. The Pingtung city of Wannian River landscape bridge enables green landscaping
6. Bad smell! Wannian River see a large number of dead fish to be investigated
7. The Promotion of Environmental Education in Wannian River
8. Wannian River of fish stocks died
9. Pingtung County Wannian River is enthusiastic to become a new citizen movement
10. Pingtung County County mayor of thousands of people clean up Wannian River
11. Day volunteers, years of volunteers, Pingtung county government invited you together
12. Pingtung Wannian River takes four years to complete
13. Pingtung Wannian River remediation has become an international seminar to promote urban waterfront space
14. Renovation of Wannian River
15. Wannian River fried fish tide, malaise blame