Neighbor freshly roast bucket chicken

 Bringing fragrant bucket chicken goes home to add food!
Pingtung City juicy golden chicken's distance from Kaohsiung is not far away, we drive from interchange go down arrived soon!

This Neighbor freshly roast bucket chicken operating for many years,
in addition to local people like to eat, there are a lot of foreign tourists reservation home delivery after eat.

Neighbor is used ★more than 120 days of chicken★ fleshy comparatively chewy and elasticity!
Their chicken is from friends and relatives in Hua lien and Tai Tung farmed chickens,
equal to double quality check make people more peace of mind!

But if you want to eat hot bucket chicken must reservation! Before 50 minutes inform the store.
In order to let everyone can enjoy the best flavor, begin to bake after reservation, the delicious food is worth it waiting.
For those who like to eat roast chicken reference and introduction, live in PingTung City is happies, because not far away.
Outside the country had to rely low temperature home delivery.
★The chicken's price is unstable, because of the weigh can't homogeneous.
Please first inform the store you need the size of the chickens!
Small / about 3 catty / TWD$500-550 (around 2-4 people)
Large / about 3.5 catty / TWD $ 600-650 (around 5-8 people)
If your family have many people, suggesting that order 2 small!

The time of roast a chicken almost 50 minutes.
In fact, it will inform you the time of taking order after reservation, don't wait long time on site.
Going to Neighbor can easily bring out the food to add food when the time's up, very satisfy have a golden chicken extra on the dining table.

The roast bucket chicken which was just roasted looks golden and shiny!
If you look carefully, you can find that it still dropping the precious chicken gravy!

The roasted chicken will be loaded in insulation bag immediately!
I am very admire the staff's hand that didn't afraid of hot.

The chicken of The bottom gravy will also be bagged, providing to customers to use.

You can take away after packing the Neighbor freshly roasted bucket chicken!
Just to see that chicken feel so nice.

The sweet Neighbor freshly roasted bucket chicken have attached edible way and heating instructions.
And also have attach plastic blade convenience to cut insulation bag!

There have more sweet!! Cotton gloves, plastic gloves, and pepper are attached!
It's very convenient!

Just right use the tools are not afraid of that your hands will be dirty.
Cutting the package be careful when it is hot! It is so hot!

The complete golden chicken.
The price of chicken will draw up by the chicken's size. This medium chicken TWD $ 550.
Around can provide for 4-5 people.

Originally think the chicken will not be hot, who knows it is very hot.
Finally, I still wear gloves and plastic gloves braised chicken.
You can see the fleshy fiber when you ripped the chicken, the ejected of chicken gravy still can see with your eyes!

The chicken is very tender!
It was really worth of to choose which selected by carefully about 120 days, this taste is real chicken flavor.
It's different from others chicken, you can taste fragrance and special chewy of every bite.

Neighbor freshly roast bucket chicken selected by carefully of chicken simply to eat is very flavor.
Because they use exclusive research the formula seasoning, not salty and greasy but it tastes very good!
The chicken itself is not dry, if you want to feel more gravy, you can eat with the chicken gravy.
If the chicken gravy don't use, you can take it to freeze. After that it can use to cook or fry rice.
Eat a chicken the gain is so much.

Golden chicken oil / Golden red onion oil
These 2 crystal clear chicken oil are Neighbor the other special souvenir
The people who have cooking in house can take it back to use for cooking oil pan, or buy to give others is very good!

Squid, the price of squid will draw up by the squid's size, this is the store to help us roast squid which is TWD $200,
Basically there is sell whole frozen squid!If you want roasted, suggest that first ask the store,
 afraid of the staff is busying, more difficult provide extra roast service.

It taste have thickness and chewy, but it will not chew reach your mouth acid still can't swallow.
If the quality is well, it is sweet and good to bite! It is suitable to be snacks in summer.

Roasting the black pepper pork is another freeze food items.
Mainly many family need to worship now, they can directly prepare frozen squid and salted pork.
After heat up can eat, it very convenient.

This black pepper pork TWD $230
In fact, it is so large, there is still a layer in the bottom! It is suitable for whole family share.
So still including in snack holy goods, occasionally invite friends to drink, collocation roast the black pepper pork is so enjoyable.
It looks like have grease, but the real eat it is have al dente!
The original is collagen.
Itself is have salinity, comparison not suggest simply to eat, collocation the rice should be well.
Perilla plum juice / Cold-brewing tea
If you eat the roast chicken too much, I think you maybe need drink. After all that whole are meat!
I am quite recommend that perilla plum juice, it sweet and sour is very appetizer, decentralized greasy.
If you like drink tea, you can try the refreshing no burden of cold-brewing tea.
The classes of the way to eat freshly bucket chicken by neighbor
The chicken soup that not used up can also be the soup of hot pot!
Next time come to try the taste of being soup.
The outward appearance of store, it is easy to find.
But the fleshy of general is smooth silky, less the unique fiber sense of homebrew, after tasting the neighbor's freshly baked chicken, I gave the roast chicken more points. I really notice that the golden chicken is so delicious, and then I want to remind everyone, the chicken is heat preservation by packet so it dosen't have the crisp skin.
But at least it skin thin and the much stuffing.No matter chicken breast or chicken drumsticks, the taste are all not bad.
You can bring out one chicken drumstick occasionally to add food, the table full with food looks happiness!
Recommending the people who loves to eat the freshly baked golden bucket of chicken and want to eat with adding food.

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