Good day mini stone hot pot.Family dining room

Recently even the south feel cold at last ! This time almost every meal would like to go straight to the hot pot restaurant seeking warmth. Some time ago I went to Pingtung's Good day mini stone hot pot dining again, and finally tasted the rich milk pot!
In addition, the taste of the miso pot is also very pleasing, enjoy alone of enjoyable also! Reminded,soup of Good day hot pot drink up slightly sweet, because of the store to use sugar cane to boil !
Did not add MSG, so after drink is still very comfortable
▲Milk seafood little hot pot
Feel the milk pot with the best match of seafood.
I am a dairycon, and occasionally eat pot will choose milk soup.
Good day hot pot soup is quite strong and will be directly to give a pot of milk soup free to add.
For like the mellow feeling too intimate to us!
You can own discretion concentration , at any time plus soup super convenient.
▲Seafood plate
Good day hot pot of ingredients are very exquisite about! Seafood can get to eat sweet!
To eat twice all feel the store quite discreetness.
No wonder a lot of mom and dad will bring children to eat, after all, more at ease.
▲Basic dish, the amount of just enough a person to eat
If your appetite is relatively large can additionally order anything.
▲Put the ingredients are first throw down to cook, soup will be more sweet
▲Rich mellow milk pot with seafood is the taste.
And unexpectedly eat up not greasy,let we amazing.
Like the milk soup to the Good days must try it out.
▲ Beef slices (plus point)
▲ Beef into the milk pot rinse boiled is also is taste
As long as a little meat cooked on OK.
▲With a thick milk flavor of beef taste in the mouth is very enjoyable
Meatcon of the happiness than this
Eat seafood remember to add some meat to reward yourself!
▲Soy bean miso dried bonito flakes hot pot
This selection of pot is a series of stone hot pot, the taste is new the introduction of red bean miso dried bonito flakes shop will first garlic,onions, meat down to fry, bring out a strong aroma after adding the soup.
▲Pork slices
▲Pork slices are under the pot stir fry
In the side of the people are almost this aroma to slobber
▲Fry until the meat is half-cooked out, then add the boiled yellow bean miso soup ....
This yellow bean miso soup can also be made of vegetarian soup yo! Remember to inform the store in advance
Instantly from the fresh fragrance pretty great, be sure to try this.
▲Fried half cooked pork and then boiled the pot, full of soup , very flavor
▲such a pot full of full satisfaction!
▲Good day hot pot with attached main food, we chose the rice
Cooked miso flavor pork sticky sauce,with rice is very delicious
Sometimes simple dishes are more delicious!
▲To the good day to eat the pot remember order a cup of white gourd tea with lemon juice
This is the store's own boiled drink!
▲Good day mini stone hot pot stores appearance
▲In-store dining room space is spacious
▲Here has a small game room , it is suitable for parents with children to eat and play, people think that the best part of the store twice a day completely with alcohol disinfection
Parents go to good day more comfortable to dinner!
 It is now completely exclusive hot pot season, must be try it Good day mini stone hot pot very intentions! From the selection of ingredients to cooking are all personally
To sugar cane as a base to boil out the sweet soup, so that pot things become more delicious,whether it is mellow rich milk pot or fresh and unique soy bean miso pot are worth a taste

Recommended to like to eat delicious pot of you and want to bring children to easily dining of you

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