Calton Fashion Restaurant

          Hokkaido laminaria japonica small chafing dishes

Carefully selected the meticulously boiled the soup from Japan Hokkaido produced laminaria japonica soup, the soup tasted fresh and sweet, high nutritional value.
Soup】 Original flavor, pickled vegetables, health, monascus purpureus miso, coconut milk.
Go with】Vegetarian food plates, shoulder roast plates, Australian blade steak plates, seafood plates, salmon dish plates.


The food which by carefully selected. Never add artificial spices and preservatives
Flour: The quality which were through ISO certification the quality is so excellent ,
the Japanese original imported flour that organized by carefully.

Baking powder:Using the most well-known, time-honored of United States and gained the permit of Taiwan food additives, no Aluminum sulfate ingredients of baking powder.
Cream:Using the top imported of French, the flavor mellow,
it is the most representative of European cream products.
         Korean copper plate barbecue small chafing dishes

Using the special copper of plate pot, roast and taste the hot pot which fill with gravy at the same time, equal a pot of two to eat.
Go with】 Barley shoulder roast plates, Australian blade steak plates.
          Vanilla Panna Cotta

Using the original imported top animal cream from French, high quality fresh milk with the fresh vanilla pods, in the producing process will never add a drop of water, the mouthfeel tasted dense.

          Japanese Sukiyaki

Suki sauce are mellow, sweet and delicious, let the simple food absorb the quintessence of sauce to satisfy the fastidious of your taste buds.
Go with】 Barley shoulder roast plates, Australian blade steak plates.
     French bake Burnt Cream

Using the low-cholesterol high nutritive value fresh eggs, the French imported of top animals' fresh cream, made by high-quality fresh milk with fresh vanilla pods and the taste were meticulous!

             Korean pickled  vegetable tofu pot

Choosing the traditional Korean chilies and pickled vegetables which added delicious soup stock to boiled with food, the strong frangrance, spicy but not choke.
Go with】Barley shoulder roast plates, Australian blade steak plates.
      Super thick cheesecake

The strong and smooth Cream Cheese plus the bottom by almond SHA,BU-LIE cookies of hand-made, you can not miss it ,who likes the thick cheese cakes!

        Hand-baked coffee

Emphasizing the producing unit or the area flavor, the sour smell and glycol when the time you put it into your mouth, sweet wet your throat, used the filter paper without bleaching and brewed with high oxygenated water.
*Ethiopia Yirgacheffe washed G2 (Light Roast)
* Ethiopia Yirgacheffe insolationed G1 (Light Roast)
*German BCS organic certification Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Light Roast)
* Kenya AA (Full City Roast)
* Kenya AA TOP (Full City Roast)
* Kenya PB small round beans (Full City Roast)
*Guatemala Antigua - flora (Full City Roast)
* Colombia Narino - model students (Full City Roast)
*Costa Rica Dautane - conqueror (Full City Roast)
*Indonesian BIWA Gold Top Mandheling (Medium Dark Roast)
    Chocolate fondant cakes

Assisting vanilla ice cream ,using the French top chocolate brand of Favana Valrhon manor 70% bitter sweet chocolate for making, chocolate fondant cakes eat with the vanilla ice cream, let you immersed in the ice and heat, enjoy the sense of taste with intertwined bitter and sweet, the people who like the desserts cannot miss the best time of good taste!

     Natural handmade jam

Making with the fresh fruit, the ingredients and sugar were boiling by carefully, never add water, artificial spices, pectins and preservatives, giving the most relieved and good taste to you!
*Apple jam
*Passion Fruit jam
*Raspberry jam

             Italy Tiramisu

Adhering to appear the traditional Italian Tiramisu's ingredients and practice to completely without adding flour, ,artificial pigments, spices and any coagulant (such as gelatins, agar powders, and so forth) the way of making Italian tiramisu.
Introducing the Mascarpone Cheese that imported from Italy Mascarpone, Italian special grade wines "Marsala wine", homemade finger cookies, exclusive formula of Espresso, sunny eggs from "LONG, CHANG pasture", sugar and made by 100% pure cocoa powder.
   Germany D&B Scented Tea

 D&B was founded in 1836 in Germany Hamburg City, the tea that promiscuous without pesticide imported all around the world every year, coffee beans and spices, going with low temperature sterilization and the flowers of drying and fruits, conducting mix and flavour, each products was tested by the commissioners' stratification tests. More than 160 years later, D&B's tea has become a necessity for many families in Germany.
*Ceylon Oubatche Black Tea
*Royal Earl Black Tea
*Caramel Flavor Tea
*Mint Herbal Tea
*Berry fruit Dauphine Fruit Tea
*Lady Fried Tea
English Muffins-Honey Scones

Scone is a traditional British dessert, we choose honey flavor to manufacture, the superficies crisp and the interior loose, the sweet and not greasy taste is best to go with the organic herbal tea or coffee at the afternoon.

     Germany D&B without red leaves tea

The "South African Red Tea" which called the Rooibos was the only one that manufactured by ferment in the world like black tea. The Rooibos leaves getting dark red from green,and distributed slight sweet soundly when the fermentation process. Scientific research in South Africa and Japan confirms that Rooibos is rich in antioxidants, and have more tea polyphenols content than green tea, and different from the general black tea and green tea, Rooibos is a complete caffeine-free natural drink.
*Blueberry yogurt red leaves tea
*Orange-blossom red leaves tea
*Green calm the nerves leaves tea
           Cold brew coffee

By using natural infiltration of water pressure, using the ceramic filter of hypothermia extraction for several hours with cold water, completed it by spending a long time with drip. After completing the drip, if you want to drink,it have to put into the refrigerator almost more than one day, the taste mellow and slip.