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Hot pot is a very wonderful food, whether the winter or summer will eat, especially spicy taste it is different from the general soup pot,LYU BA JIAO health concept kitchen especially with small fire stew boil into porridge,as bottom of the pot edible,eating porridge is very good,it is easy to satiate, and also make up water, defense cold…collocation fresh vegetables also complete nutrition. Because LYU BA JIAO cook the porridge very rotten,it was very smoothly just like to drink a soup. If you like eating porridge pot bottom,you can really look to taste, the space spacious is very suitable for dine together.

▲Stewed porridge soup a spicy pot. NTD 339. (attached dessert and plus $50 enjoy tea you can Increase the purchase price)Spicy flavors of decoction, collocation stewed porridge soup boiled together. It have dinner plate, clams, fish thick liquid… another the meat selected the award-winning ─Shen Nong pork slices
▲A spicy pot use more than 20 kinds of spices from cooking just dishes served to float of charmed aroma…
▲Because the first consumption,I don't know the degree of spicy, we choose a little spicy, if you dare to eat spicy in fact can then consider the next level, porridge collocation fresh vegetables will reduce the degree of spicy,basically little spicy for me is almost the degree of micro-spicy. Next time I want to try of medium spicy taste.
▲Stewed porridge soup the eat ways was procedural, LYU BA JIAO the service staff will first inform how to eat,it is recommended try that the first spoon of the first bowl porridge taste. In addition to feel the fragrance of soup,porridge can also bring satiety. Then put the vegetables again,meat… slowly enjoy comfortable a meal.
▲Shen Nong pork slices meat is soft, fresh and tender and there is no fishy smell the surface with spicy pot spicy degree after cooking, taste is very good, eat very enjoyable.
▲Stewed porridge soup original pot. NTD 319. ( attached dessert and plus $50 enjoy tea you can Increase the purchase price) don't eat spicy people have other items optional, like the stewed porridge soup original pot very high popularity. Children are also very suitable for enjoyment, taste like the soup pot by my mother.
▲The kind of the hot pot with plenty of vegetables, fish bone time consuming 1.5 hours to boil, and then put the raw rice to small fire stew to rice grain dissolve, taste the natural sweet.
▲Porridge almost dissolve, only have a little bit of bite. The process of having dine is always by drinking. This unique porridge soup bottom for hot pot, also can let the elderly eat. Effortlessly chew, and very full of satiety. A good care of the whole family of people stomach.
▲Vegetable and seafood add to the cook, the soup was getting more and more sweet, it seems like the feeling of cooking seafood porridge. Remember to cook when stirred at the appropriate time will not stained pot!
▲Stewed porridge soup its own temperature is actually quite high, it almost to be ripe when the beef rinsed in the pot, originally thought porridge in the pot will be difficult to cook.
▲Okonomiyaki flavored muffin NTD 198 Punch card price NTD 168. (to send series a cup to taste Increase the purchase price to change another drink) After eating want to have snack Okonomiyaki flavored muffin not bad, covered with bacon, cabbage, mayonnaise, Katsuobushi piece, And then pour Okonomiyaki sauce on it. If you want to be dinner is also be ok. the food was too much, eat too full.
▲Ingredients are really rich, every mouth is full of bacon and cabbage.
▲Muffin are slightly softer, I feel a bit like a chicken cake, the taste quite solid, the whole to taste salty sweet, we liked it very much. If afternoon tea is want to simple and a little salty food, you can try Okonomiyaki flavored muffin.
▲Dessert: Caramel Pudding (the meal is included) The dessert of the hot pot is Caramel Pudding, the surface of the sugar baked crispy, bite up have kazi kazi voice.
▲Caramel Pudding It’s very rich eat milk fragrance.
▲Sun Moon Lake best quality for black tea.(series a cup to taste) One-way order NTD 50. (the meal is included) The meal will be attached the series a cup to taste, options are at $ 50, just right I want to drink Sun Moon Lake best quality for black tea is in the series, so need not pay the difference. Black tea with micro-sugar seasoned, taste with mellow. It very good!
▲Pineapple ice auger One-way order NTD 100. (the meal is included increase NTD50 can change others) Friend chose this cup of pineapple ice auger need to pay the difference, but it was a good cost-effective. The pineapple ice auger which stirred with fresh pineapple taste so cool, sweet and sour fruity that has strong flavor. Summer drink this cup is really refreshing. Especially just after eating spicy hot pot.
▲LYU BA JIAO garden spices hot pot health concept kitchen The dining space is spacious. There have magazines in the store can to read, occasionally you can come here to enjoy it.
▲LYU BA JIAO garden spices hot pot health concept kitchen Store appearance
Summer in addition to eating ice, still want to eat hot pot will satisfy. Hot pot material of stewed porridge soup series once will be able to eat enough, and very fresh. Time consuming to stewed soup collocation stewed porridge, a family can easily taste. Most want to eat once again is a taste of spicy pot, it was worth try!

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