YING ZUO Japanese Restaurant

Even if hidden in the lane
If it is excellent enough
Still able attract customers come
Is located behind emergency room at Pingtung Christian Hospital
And "DAH-JIANG Japanese Restaurant " go the same door is YING ZUO Japanese Restaurant
Small storefront
 Simple layout

Appeal to the warmth of home
Asparagus hand roll, $35
Integrated sushi, $100
Tea bowl steamed eggs, $50
Gold tofu, $50
Salmon fish floss fried rice , $75
Seafood eggs get meal at a fixed rate, $70
Clam soup, $40
Miso soup, $20
You can feel this is a high CP value of the shop
Taste is very suitable for the public taste buds
But the sushi should be more progress
“YING ZUO Japanese Restaurant” a bit like Pingtung City, another “Asahikawa sushi house”
Recommend, Quite suitable for family dining place

※Shop Name: YING ZUO Japanese Restaurant

※Address: No.2, Ln. 106, Sec. 1, Zhuangjing St., Pingtung City
※Phone: 08-7366908,08-7368116
※Business hours: 11:00-14:00,17:00-21:00(Monday Closed)