Residents' thoughts

         After Wannian River regulation, to reproduce the vitality, insects came back, the fish came back, and birds are back. Natural ecological restoration success, not only to enhance the harmonious interaction between man and ecology, to narrow the distance between people, but also nurtured a touching story, rich in the city of the river's humanistic connotation.

         Wannian River remediation success, not only get rid of the stigma of the past, is no longer rare, avoid the fear of the ditch, and become a pleasant urban green belt, and rich animal and plant ecology, but also provide natural observation It is an excellent teaching material, especially concerned about observing the ecology of various birds in the stream. It has become a part of the life of the coastal residents. Many bird lovers often come here to search and catch birds.

         In the woods along the Wannian River, grass and even streams, can be found in birds. For example, a kingfisher known as a "fish dog" often stands in the forest branches, once found in the water there is a small fish to swim, immediately dive into the water pecked, it back as jade-like bright feathers, especially in the sunlight Dazzling.
        Brutal Wren Ying, such as the tree magpie is very noisy, humming the "drops" of singing, small green embroidered eyes, dexterous cute, chirping sounds crisp and wonderful, more sounds, birds with different voices , And jointly write a moving natural movement.

         A lot of people every day in the riverbank observation of wildlife, for the migration of birds, breeding, can be very familiar with his right way, they found that the common bird red crown chicken, hatching out of the birds gradually, often Threatened by natural enemies, the birds in the past will nest on the shore, but vulnerable to cat, rat and Thai snakehead attack, then move to the middle of the river, in the pile of piles, grass nest, every day to see the mother continued to come and Go, the food carry back to the nest, feeding bird warm picture.

         According to the survey, there are about 40 kinds of migratory birds and birds in Wannian River. When they walk on the trail or sit under the trees, they can find their traces. If they are lucky, they can also see the birds feeding the birds or birds hunting.