Ideas and Summaries

        Wannian River has a long history, I believe it is a childhood friend of many people, day after day, when the household waste and animal husbandry waste into the river in the years that moment, the people of the years before the river pollution The smell of water is alert. Wannian River smelly day by day, when the residents found the stench of the ditch on the outside at home, and active people began to protest and protest that the smell of years the river filled the entire street, pungent smell of cloth at home, the original clean and clear of the stream into a dirty ditch, childhood fun in the river to enjoy playing with the river in the river is about to become memories.

        After the response of the public and the inspection of government agencies, the large-scale capping project was started, and the first section of YU HUANG GONG in Pingtung was the first place to carry out the project. Although some people opposed the affixing, First remediation streams, and now man-made garbage is not easy to corrupt, there is no remediation, then years will only be more serious stamped, so stamped works to the Republic of China to complete the eighty-four years.

        After the completion of the house by the stinking ditch into a block of open space, people began to think about how to make good use of that piece of land, we have made many comments, the final decision as a parking lot. In 90 years, stamped works has been suspended for four years, in the four years the government agencies for the years to open the river to open the project to open a lot of meetings, experts also invited scholars to assess, and ultimately not stamped. Residents responded that there was no meeting of coastal residents at all, and residents did not know why they were not covered. We felt that it was better to have representatives of coastal residents to participate in the meeting so that people could have an opportunity to express their views.

        In December of 1955 years of years of capping works caused by the nearby houses serious, but also in a short period of time to draw a conclusion for the matter. Soon many of the environment and the need for the ecological coexistence of the problem and consider wiping out the original stamped part of the way they also asked the relevant scholars to test the most appropriate way, and finally because that destroyed the pity that the decision to save and parking lot as the end , But also because of the ecological coexistence of the original ditch next to the road into a brand-new forest trails contribute to the ecology.

        Pingtung County Chief CAO QI HONG took the opportunity Wannian stream process and got the planning company to discuss the Wannian Creek Renovation Project and named it "City New Hope(River hope)"

After obtaining the subsidy from the Construction Department, the first implementation of the Millennium Park revetment works and sewage interception works.

        In 2010, the artificial wetland was completed, the purification of natural channels was 8 meters, the depth of water was about 20 to 30 centimeters, the total length was about 4500 meters, and the channel was designed as S-type. The purpose was to slow down the flow of water to achieve precipitation purification. Role, channel a total of 27 S-curve. From the primary sedimentation tanks to reach the natural purification channels need to stay 34 hours, the purification of water from the original serious pollution to moderate, the way through the first reed water candles, and then into the 27 S-curve, S-curve after planting Water spinach, root of the water spinach to absorb contaminated water.

        The use of these two methods of dissolved oxygen in water to enhance the river basin in the years set up a lot of water systems, dissolved oxygen in the water relative to enhance the water quality, it activated a lot of aquatic life. Now we can see the fish in the water increased, while the shore of the birds have become more.