Plants and Insect


Scientific name:Coffea canephora Pierre ex Froehner var. robusta

    Biological origin:Coffee origin of tropical Africa, as early as AD 575, the Arabs southwest of the Yemen people began to use, Western Europe began drinking about 1615. The majority of world coffee supply comes from Brazil, followed by Colombia. Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Cancer and tropical areas near the equator, also known as the world's coffee growth zone.

Taiwan White Pine

Scientific name:Pinus morrisonicola Hayata

    Division:Central Mountain Range 300 ~ 2000 meters above sea level mountain, scattered along the ridge, or mixed with hardwood coniferous trees, not pure forest. Currently popular throughout the province can be planted.

Bottle Ponytail

Scientific name:Nolina recurvata

:Planted in the courtyard or horticultural ornamental plant
    Characteristic:Stem stem upright, plant height of up to 10 meters, the lower part of the hypertrophy, like a bottle; old plant epidermis will be rough cracks, like turtle shell, its characteristics are very special, hypertrophy round stem with thick cork bark. Leaves end acuminate, leaf base truncate, margin entire, smooth leaf, leathery, Sessile. Panicles inflorescences white flowers, ovary 3 rooms and lack of style, there are 3 stigma, unisexual flowers in full sunshine mature plants will flowering. Fruit slightly flat, 3 rooms containing 1 to 3 seeds.
Banyan Fig Bengal Fig Indian Wild Fig 

Scientific name:Ficus bengalensis Linn

    Biological origin: India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka; Taiwan introduced in 1922   
 Characteristic:Tree tall, luxuriant foliage, can be used for street trees and garden trees green trees. Medicinal: juice, bark, seeds, leaves, roots, etc. can be used as medicine.

    Characteristic:It is the world's tree crown covers the most extensive area of trees, evergreen trees, often from the lateral branch occurs, in-depth underground, into a pillar, to support the tree, so a tree can be forest, so called single forest .

Gold Silver Nightshade

Scientific name:Solanum capsicoides Allioni

    Biological origin:Taiwan native species, tropical America    Division:Growth in 1,000 meters below the roadside, Tanabe or the sea, Hirano, often individual plant scattered, quite common.
    Characteristic:The whole plant was poisonous and immature fruit was the most toxic. Eating fruit caused by the excitement of the central nervous system, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, dry skin, fever, high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, muscle twitching and other symptoms.

West Indies Mahogany      

Scientific name:Swietenia mahogoni

    Biological origin:Central and South America and the West Indies Tropical Region.
    Characteristic:Because the name of the wood was peach color. Like high temperature, drought, sunshine to be sufficient. Winter ~ early spring half-deciduous phenomenon. Mahogany can reach more than 30 meters high, the trunk for the excellent furniture timber.
    Breeding:Spring and autumn two seasons is very suitable for planting season, you can use the sowing method to reproduce, the soil is fertile sandy soil is the best.

Norfo lk Island Pine

Scientific name:Araucaria excelsa

    Division:Is widely planted as a street tree, park trees, landscaping trees.
    :Originated in Australia, lateral branches were born in the trunk level was unfolded. Terminal branches densely arranged, conical crown. Leaves slender and soft, pointed and not stabbing. Trunks straight, plant height of up to 30 meters, collateral whorled, horizontal development, was feathery. Young leaves linear needle-shaped, slightly curved, old branches of the scaly leaves were triangular oval.
In Taiwan, less flowering phenomenon, can be collateral reproduction, but only after the survival of creeping growth, can not be straight dry. The crown is naturally conical.

 Golden Pseuderanthemum

Scientific name:Pseuderanthemum reticulatum

    Introduction:Because of different varieties, leaves are purple, golden yellow, milky white and other marble-like markings, golden flowers to be like the golden leaves like gold mesh-like pattern. Although far-sighted like a leaf wood, but close to see the United States to spend the opposite leaf and leaf wood alternate leaves are basically different.
    Characteristic:Plant height 1-1.5 meters, there are many varieties, such as gold leaf to be beautiful flowers, stripes to be beautiful flowers, purple leaf to be beautiful flowers. Leaves simple, elliptic, entire, leaf blade paper smooth on both sides, and some micro-fold. Spikes terminal, white flowers, red purple center. Golden leaf to be beautiful on both sides of the mosaic are emerald green, new leaf golden yellow.
Seaside Grape

Scientific name:Coccoloba uvifera

    Division:The introduction of landscape plants, scattered around the plant.
   Characteristic:Seaside Grape fruit achenes triangular, outside for the persistent and after the flower grows long to be wrapped in the perianth. Fruit ripe for the purple-red, like berries;Stems more than divergent, most branches, mostly curved shape. Leaves simple, alternate, leathery, broadly cordate, entire and wavy, surface dark green and shin.

Scientific name:Dynastes hercules Hercules

        Insecta one of the head, there are more than 400,000 varieties, the largest variety of animal interface. There are about 60 species of unicorns with large horns around the world. There are about 1,300 other species with small or insignificant horns. There are two kinds of horns in Taiwan, one of which is located in the Lanyu area, and the other is widespread in Taiwan's low-lying mountain forests.     

Stag beetles

Scientific name:Lucanidae

       Characteristic:Male is usually exaggerated and beautiful, it is not used to chew the corner of the food, its purpose is to fight against natural enemies and fight for food, construction sites or the opposite sex. Female individual large jaw short, the main function is used in the rotten wood excavation cave spawning.


Scientific name:

       Characteristic:Mouth long beak-shaped, suitable for sucking. Basal half of the base of the former, the end part of the membranous; hind wings all membranous or degraded. Hind foot section of volatile odor glands next to the opening, the case of the enemy when the release of odor, so the "fart of the worm" name.
Kallima inachis
Scientific name:Kallima inachus
       Division:Tropical Asia, from India to Japan are visible.Butterfly butterfly is a very delicate camouflage animal, when the leaves close the wings, its appearance looks like a dead leaf.  And the inner surface of the wing is bright metallic blue and orange. This species is large species, adults more common in moist forests, good sap, corrupt fruit; fly quite quickly. Similar to the leaves of the famous, color, shape all like, even the veins, angles, and even the damage is also very much like. Wings on the back of a background for the metallic luster of the dark blue, the central wing of an orange stripes, the edge of the black ripples, ripples in a white spot. Hind wings also have wavy lines.