Ideas and summaries

    In the past, because of the urban development and the rapid commercialization of the economic development, the agriculture land around Wannian River has been transformed into residential and industrial and commercial land rapidly. The original recreation and irrigation function of Wannian River has gradually replace with the times. . However, with the completion of the Wannian River remediation project, led the Pingtung urban humanistic education, environmental landscape and community settlement of the development. In short, Wannian River is the humanistic memory image of Pingtung, combined with the construction of the wetland ecological corridor and the subsequent landscape environment, carrying the memory of the old century, but also building a new century style. However, under the completion of the urban reconstruction project, how to change the living environment of the urban residents through the change of the external landscape environment will be the focus of the next step of worth observing urban river management.
    During the renovation, not only the public sector held a community-based residents of the forum, widely absorbed the views of riparian residents, although the current several on the riparian landscape as a whole, such as the fate of the pile in the river how to arrange, Yu Huang temple in front of the parking lot to be incorporated into the views of residents, while focusing on the functionality of the temple and river ecological problems to resolve the conflict, along CHIKEKUO National Primary School、MIN HE National Primary School, the people and the small safe school trail, also need to gather the views of residents Consolidation of the consensus, to reproduce the students on foot along the riverside school nostalgic landscape.
1. Residents said: If the construction of parks, sports parks or golf courses will give their hands in favor.
2.December in Republic of China 85, stamped works caused by the nearby houses cracking, due to compensation events (the amount is too small) there is a dispute, the residents(Compensation is too late to delay, and then drag), then more events led to the Pingtung County Magistrate, Speaker and Pingtung mayor suspended.
3. The public indicated that the pumping of groundwater by the county government would make it more difficult for the residents to take water and the subsidence of the strata, so the two underground stream wells were closed for public opinion.
 4. However, some people think that it is relatively clean, can be used as parking lot, park, parent-child playground, shops...
Former county magistrate's idea:
    Former magistrate said that compared to foreign or other cities and counties at every turn of billions or billions of renovation funding, although the years Creek renovation costs are not high, but regardless of the amount of amount, the effectiveness and function is the key, Plus folk enthusiasts organization million years Creek Conservation Association patrol Wannian River and NGO groups with academic and school to participate in fry release, in order to make years to reproduce the vitality of the river. "The community building is the basis for returning to a warm society," said QI HONG CAO county mayor, the county magistrate. The Wannian River bank has become a place for many elders to take a walk or a group of friends to gather and chat. The county government has launched a public adoption and the Wannian River along the temple, the school to jointly safeguard. Civic education, indoctrination can not littering, cigarette butts and readily clean up the concept of their own dog gold, we pay together, the establishment of community identity, are the community to create a ring.
In conclusion:
    Wannian River finally get rid of the stench of years, the Pingtung County Magistrate QI HONG CAO 30th representatives of public opinion, local elders, conservation groups and years Wannian River Guard witness, upstream Diyongquan District, Yuquan Village, Jiuru Township, and then Close Chonglan Village New Watergate, so clean water flow into the years Creek. QI HONG CAO said, remediation years Creek has taken the first step, next to the fish back, the future hope to destroy the pile, so that the river can boating, dragonflies can fly into the adjacent campus.
    The county magistrate said that after Wannian River to please Jiuru Township River Township Care Association, association of Wannian River Conservation, as well as local people Hexing Village together to patrol concern, Wannian River carrying a lot of people expect, finally come Living Waters. Cao Qi Hong who last to the Cultural Department of the Wannian River Thanksgiving River Bridge. QI HONG CAO and many more people last station to the Cultural Affairs Bureau Qiannian River Thanksgiving Bridge, In the Ren'ai Elementary School chorus and the orchestra praised the Wannian River music accompaniment, awards thanks to Pingtung farmland water conservancy, Pingtung City office and contractor's assistance, present Wannian River Conservation Association patrol team a flag. QI HONG CAO county magistrate said, the Environmental Protection Agency set up in the Thanksgiving Bridge" Wannian River Newspaper", Regularly published stream pH, dissolved oxygen and turbidity, "For the public to test. Thanks to the earth so that the Wannian River has a limpid upstream of the fountain, "This is the least expensive renovation of urban rivers," Construction and Planning Agency hopes to be able to do international seminars in Pingtung County, marketing successful remediation experience.