Cultural Center on the east side of the water and people dialogue project

Basic information:
1. Case name : Pingtung County Cultural Center on the eastern side of the water and people dialogue project.
2. Case address : Pingtung City Millennium Park as the main area, to free road, Dalian Road to Wannian River left bank existing trail for the sector.
3. Scope : Wannian River River to improve (including two bridge reconstruction), ecological pool project, pavement trail planted spray lighting and other facilities.
4. Executive unit : Pingtung County Government Urban and Rural Development Department Urban and Rural Planning Branch.
5. Maintenance unit : Pingdung City Administration.
6. Planning and Design : Golden Park Landscape Architecture Planning & Design Consulting.
7. Construction unit : SHI-HONG Construction Shares Limited.
8. Construction cost / NT 52.25 million.
9. Implementation date: September 20, 2012 to February 28, 2014.

A. Base range:
        The scope of the planning plan to Wannian River Basin as a whole, the Millennium Park as the main area, the design of the Ziyou Road, Dalian Road to Wannian River on the left bank existing trails for the sector, and contains the cultural center before the square and the existing maze area, Of the National Sports Center for the sector.

Landscape Design Description:

1. Watercourse remediation scheme:
        Based on Dawn Engineering Consultant Company "Pingtung County Wan-Nian-River Metropolitan River Rehabilitation and Renovation Planning and Fine Construction". Victory Bridge to Guangdong Bridge, low water flow flood capacity is insufficient, but the flood level is not yet on both sides of high or bank revetment. So the principle of maintaining the status of natural channels. According to the results of water review, according to the status of the two channels proposed remediation program.

Reappearance of Riverside Grassland

        The left bank of the Millennium Park is currently the most frequently used area. Neighborhood activities are mainly concentrated on the left bank of the left bank. However, the trail departs from the Wannian River bank. The people could not be hydrophilic. The relationship is weak. Wannian River instead of becoming a mess of the loss of space.

I.    With the use of the current situation, to retain the original trail, in the local left bank to slow down the terrain, the shape of hydrophilic grass slope and broaden the horizons, increase the public hydrophilic opportunities.
II.    Planning the circular waterfront system, as Pingtung people walking a good place for leisure; mainly divided into the outer ring of the pedestrian trail, the inner main trail and the secondary trail, while the outer ring of the ring line of the strongest use of the action line.
III.    The left bank of the vast grass slope, increase the cross section of this section of the Wannian River, in the flood rainstorm period, but also become an important flood area in Pingtung City area, effectively disperse the problem of flooding of Guangdong Bridge.
IV.    By series and link up with the Coconut Grove Avenue's axis, the cultural center of the square to increase the tree-lined space, and then extend the visual axis to the existing maze.
V.     Improve the existing maze, the use of water garden design and thinking to become a water show theater, aquatic plant pool or music fountain the possibility.

  2. Create new visual focus - old bridge to improve the concept:
        At present there are two bridges in the park are pray bridge and Thanksgiving bridge, build the age is faraway, very old and unusable.

I.    With this park to improve, update the old bridge Thanksgiving Bridge and Xi Fu Bridge, add the park romantic feelings, the formation of the park's visual focus.
II.    To increase the inland and right bank of the park in parallel and pedestrian accommodation, but also combined with the river bank of open space and shady sidewalks, enhance the image of the park and increase the public leisure space.
III.    Future bridges to improve focus on safety, pedestrian changes between the viewing and the function of the stay.
IV.    Bridge type to suspension bridge, steel arch bridge or wooden bridge and so on.

3. The whole line to improve the idea:
        As the cultural center is not good around the car line planning, leading to the car,motorcycle and the people fight the road, did not stop at the appropriate location.

I.    Recalculate and evaluated parking requirements and parental delivery needs with the line.
II.    Establishment of control points and planning of passenger and passenger routes.
III.    Improve the smoothness and connectivity of barrier-free traffic.
IV.    Planning Coconut Grove and Humanized Space.