Wannian River along the bank landscape bridge project and so on

Basic data:
    1. The name of the case / Wannian River along the bank landscape bridge project and so on (Labor Park – Wannian Park)
    2. The address of the case / Pingtung City Wannian River (Labor Park to Wannian Park)
    3. Range / Labor Bridge project, Labor Parks and periphery landscape, Ahou shrine and the periphery project, planted project and so on.
    4. Execution unit / Pingtung County Government Urban and Rural Development of Urban and Rural Planning Section
    5. Maintain unit / Pingtung County Government Department of Public Works
    6. Planning and Design /JHANG MA LONG Architect office
    7. Construction unit /CYUAN YUAN Construction Company Limited
    8. Construction cost / NT $ 97720000
    9. Implementation Period /2012 03/07~2013 12/31

Wannian River along the bank landscape bridge project and so on. (Labor Park – Wannian River)

A. Architecture design explanation:

1. Design purpose:
        Wannian River through around of Pingtung City Central, there are many large open spaces and the land of institution. The project is located at the converge of the river and grass Pingtung City. Through the execute of the project, the city's urban activities space not only be series connection with each other, but also make the citizen activities more coherent. In future will be series connection the Wannian River Valley pedestrian path system, Wannian Park and Labor Park and the grass system.

2. Design idea:
        Overlooking the bridge, such as cattle car hanging,represent of the ancestors to control the oxcart reclamation, the dedication of the sugar industry, and then hope that through the Wannian River suture plans to reshape the spatial structure of Pingtung City, the use of Wannian River space to create new style, the creation of humanities, hydrophilic, ecological and other open space to provide space of life, to promote the citizen will to use, to create the cultural and artistic of riverside style.

3. Bridge building:
        Bridge length is 254.7m (including approaches 297m), the max bridge width is 8m, the min bridge width is 2m, bridge slope less than 5% is suitable for pedestrians and bicycles two-way pass through. The main girder of the bridge body adopts the rectangular steel to structure, and the bridge column adopts the special shape of the circular steel pipe, combined with the pedestrian path steel girder, the bridge board is use RC composite version design, in order to design a new unique and novel of the new landmark building.

B. Landscape design explanation:

Pingtung City, the future of the bike recreation route linked to the humanize leisure field of the landscape potential development, creation the urban landmarks and of natural symbiosis, and create high quality green environment.

1. The base of this case is the main road which is Ziyou Road in Pingtung City, and near to many parks and the development of green land, are important routes to connect people's daily leisure attractions, but the current due to traffic is huge of Ziyou Road so cut off, the lack of comfortable links , will lead to different routes of leisure crowd can't coherent; land bridge will play the different important links system of bicycle lane, to coherent Pingtung City future cycling recreation routes, integration of existing resources and facilities, to further enhance the high quality of urban space additional value.

2. As part of the recreational route, the land bridge will not only satisfy the simple series connection dynamic function, should be based on the humanize point of view, to create a new leisure node.
    I. The slope of bike lane is slow to 1:20 (5%), the minimum width is 2m, can for two-way pass through pedestrian and bike comfortable and smooth, access to the domestic and international bike lane design criteria is a suitable and enjoyable scale. Set up street furniture along the line, create more diversified opportunities for activities, or sit or lie for citizens to stay.
    II. Divorced the pedestrian route with the lane, create a ladder-like resting space, combine the shade of the ceiling, reduce the temperature of the daytime viewing platform, and create a pleasant landscape.
    III. Landscape space below the bridge with the shape of the bridge design, the configuration of the meandering path or the ups and downs of the leisure grass slope. The bridge body is provided with shade at the bottom on the daytime, and the bridge side lighting for the evening provides some lighting.

3. Ziyou Road is the provincial highway from the direction of Kaohsiung into the Pingtung City, for the city portal thoroughfare, when you drive too fast, you will difficult that enjoy the beautiful of the scenery on both sides, it's need the marked of featured landmarks to attract sight, to use lithe and smooth structure type, shape leisurely pace of the bike, creating Pingtung unique landmark construct.

C. Other features explanation:

1. Bridge appearance:
        Bridge line was S-curve (like cattle car hanging), across the Ziyou Road, Wannian River, Zili Road connecting the Wannian Park and Labor Park, white bridge body is attract sight of new landmark.

2. Bridge modeling:
Facade across the Wannian River on both sides of the Wannian Park and the Labor Park, the bridge like a wings of the shape, like soar to great heights, with "Pingtung transformation, dream take off" meaning.

3. At night time can stylized of light show:
Bridge body with full color of LED bulbs total of 608, it's can use program to set many combination, let night time vision add colorful beauty.

The six show theme of light show:

Theme 1: romantic Pingtung - bridge abdomen light with white and pink light collocation, soft light color to add the night time of the romantic atmosphere.

Theme 2: colorful Pingtung - bridge abdomen light to flow through the colorful spot to create a colorful image, interpretation the diversity of Pingtung humanities.

Theme 3: warm Pingtung - Ceiling light with white and blue light represent of blue sky, the bridge abdomen the main with red to do the wave changes, showing the eruption of Wan Dan mud volcano the wonders and grand occasion.

Theme 4: endless - the ceiling light with colorful gradual change to describe the changes in the scenery of Kenting, the bridge abdomen with gold flashing metaphor of Kenting beach beauty scenery.

Theme 5: Pingtung take off - the ceiling lighting use white and blue light beating up and down, creating wings flapping the image, a symbol of Pingtung soar to great heights.

Theme 6: ethnic integration - ceiling and bridge abdomen light to white metaphor starry sky, spotlights use of colorful changes metaphor under the starry sky of the indigenous peoples harmony get along and cultural integration.