Wan-Nian-River Remediation master plan

    1.the basic information
       Wannian River, the old name" Fan Tsai Po River ", also known as" A Monkey River ", the upper reaches of Haifengzhen、Old Chun Chonglan and Kuilai Gongguan Chun of Shenzhen import, from the suburb Ruiguang Road, Dalian Road, into the Pingtung City, And flows through the Qianxi Park, next to Ziyou Road and Zili Road, About 5.5 km long, downstream and Shashe River sink into the Niuchou River, and finally into the Kaoping River. Wannian River Rehabilitation River is located in the center of Pingtung City, upstream from the Andongqiao Bridge to the lower reaches of the road and the Niuchouxi Bridge, a total length of about 4.4 km, marked as"Qianxi Park".
The location map of the recovery adjustment section of the Wannian River
     2. The program outlined
        Wannian River is the river of life in Pingtung City, flowing through Pingtung City, local development, living and historical and cultural memory has a profound impact; in the process of economic development, industrial and livestock wastewater surge, the family sewage In 1995, Pingtung County government developed for the Wannian River column stamped, but because of the controversy and suspension of work, stretches three to four kilometers over the river on the suspension of water, According to the website of the Ministry of the Interior Construction Department, "Pingtung Deep Breathing, City "NEW-HOPE TO RIVER", the Pingtung "Wannian River is the river of life in Pingtung City, flowing through Pingtung City, local development, living and historical and cultural memory has a profound impact; in the process of economic development, industrial and livestock wastewater surge, the family sewage In 1995, Pingtung County government developed for the Wannian River column stamped, but because of the controversy and suspension of work, stretches three to four kilometers over the river on the suspension of water, According to the website of the Ministry of the Interior Construction Department, "Pingtung Deep Breathing, City (NEW-HOPE TO RIVER)", the Pingtung Wannian River Entire Construction Project, it is the only one of the most famous cities in Taiwan. (2010), the Wannian River Restoration Project will be completed from 2008 to 2012. The main objectives are: water quality improvement, water recharge, river improvement and landscape improvement. Improvement, the residents of the remediation to have confidence, only to continue the second stage of river regulation and landscape improvement. In 2010, part of the river pier in the dismantling, recovery and reuse to make ecological balance of stone cage and planted aquatic plants and waterfront, restoration of its natural ecological original appearance; at the same time take advantage of years of river space to create new urban and rural landscape To create sustainable riverbank space where industry, culture and ecology co-exist; to increase the utilization of riverbank space and to improve and increase pedestrian footpath length, width and shade to ensure pedestrian safety and comfort , Can provide years of people on both sides of the river barrier-free space of the series, and create different river banks each style, creating years of new life Creek! 【Planning Concept and Design Concept】 The nature and human resources are rich and diverse around Wannian River. It can integrate the ecological system in Pingtung area by connecting the surrounding parks, schools and temples with the network of water and green so as to increase the diversity of biodiversity and create high-quality open space; removed part of the river in the cement column, the river ecology. Based on the calculation and analysis of the relevant water flow, the large reinforced concrete columns are excised and the structural re-use is taken as the planting tank for purifying water quality wetlands, and the concrete floor of the river bed is ground Broken as environmentally friendly gabion fill, add riparian ecology. The related promotion strategy is described as follows:
    (ONE) Water quality improvement"
        1. Water purification Wannian River greenbelt surrounding wetlands as water purification, the use of solar energy and gravity water introduced into the park green, more eco-educational. The gate way to control the amount of water flowing into the wetlands to avoid heavy rain or floods flooded in green space. Set up multi-level filtration and water purification of the twists and turns of the waterway to increase the aeration of sewage and plant contact and purification of the area and time.
        2. Sewage interception and purification Close the way to intercept the sewage treatment of rainwater, set the pipe to intercept the confluence of sewage, leading to the surrounding water purification wetlands short-term water quality can be significantly improved in the long term still need to establish sewage pipe Take - over - the - home’s closed piping system.
        3. Raise the water level of Wannian River Select the appropriate place to set up rubber dam or weir to improve the water level of Wannian River, and add the purified water to the water supply of Wannian River.
     (TWO) The surrounding green space planning
       1. Create the activities of the nodes around the river will be scattered into the area of idle leisure activities in the neighborhood open square, and in series around the humanities and cultural history of the space, shape the characteristics of the activities of the square.
        2. Modeling the river planting characteristics Riverside surrounding the use of a variety of seasonal changes in the original tree species as a street tree; and planted hanging plants and climbing plants, softening the exposed surface of the cement body.
       3. Creating a Bridge Feature With the extension of local stories, the introduction of community stories, such as Hope Bridge, Bridge of History, Ugyama Bridge, into night lighting, popular participation and historical significance.
       4. Set the stone cage revetment the gabion revetment can prevent the loss of slope soil layer, water conservation, natural dynamic adjustment function, can withstand the erosion and accumulation of the river, reduce the loss of bank embankment collapse, but also to create Porous, diverse biological habitat, providing a natural habitat for organisms.
     (THREE) Of the river section design concept
       1. Jade Palace Former Temple courtyard Square Wannian River full-length about 5.5 km, the most historical and cultural field is located in front of the Jade Palace, can be used along the river Li Shude old house, were holy shrines and jade palace of history, culture and things Square music, as the theme of improving the temple courtyard square, shaping the ecological, cultural and artistic tourism and recreation of the three co - prosperity of the sustainable riverbank space.
       2. Jianguo Bridge to Yongda Bridge Yongji Bridge to Jianguo Bridge is longer (about 549 meters), so the addition of "historical bridge" to link the two sides. This section because the left and right hinterland is more extensive, walking space can be a little change, or can be set to provide some public health facilities.
        3. Yongqiao bridge to Fuxingqiao bridge river channel began to appear in the central deep trough, so in addition to both sides of the ecological stone cage, the central also set the stone cage as a water lily cultivation area, rich river landscape.Fujianqiao both guardrail low , This section of the left bank of the Fuxing Park, the proposed plan can be short-term and long-term goals to improve the river bank, the recent goal can enhance the green space and the main aquatic plant-based water treatment plant, the main purpose is to improve the safety of the surface, , The long - term goal to break the way in series Park and grass slope, so that green tracts of land will not be cut off, increasing biological habitat and public recreation space.
       4. Fuxingqiao bridge to Niufucai Bridge to link the two sides, at the junction of the snake River to set up a "bridge of hope", and set up viewing platform to provide people with riverfront open space. In the existing PC paved high-pressure flat-panel tiles, leaving 3 meters wide sidewalks, the left bank space to cantilever erected 2.5 m wide plank road, and additional green belt area to provide pedestrians more comfortable walking space.
     (FOUR) Parking and pedestrian space planning:
     1. Wannian River left bank planning 6-meter-wide two-way lane, set parallel parking spaces on the roadside, and designated planting green shade tree; and space is more narrow sections of the erection of the wooden path along the platform, But also give the pedestrian an affinity of the community capsule pocket space.
    2 Wannian River bank of the whole line to parallel parking and parking marking, so that more orderly parking vehicles.
    3. Wannian River bank sidewalk series; with the existing planted on the right bank sidewalk planting double row of trees, beautify the pedestrian space.
    4. Junctions, the square additional locomotive parking spaces to meet the needs of different people's use.
     (FIVE) Before and after the control
        Wannian River rehabilitation rehabilitation is due to Pingtung County government proposed Wannian River column stamped, due to controversy related to the suspension of work; rehabilitation remediation content mainly for the improvement of river environment and some suspended in the river pier on the demolition and other related the following is a description of the differences in the current environmental conditions before and after river rehabilitation, and provides some of the image data for reference.

Left:Overview of the original river environment 
Right:Overview of the added pier column before environment of the river course
Left:Add the pier column and set the main deep groove  Ditch of the duplex section
Right:River course pier column add to complete  Recovery adjustment   Overview of the pre-project environment
    3. Assessment and review of results
        Wannian River Rehabilitation improved the river channel of the original years, poor water quality, and flood-based security, while ignoring the ecological environment of the stream; for water quality improvement, environmental green landscaping, transportation and pedestrian space to improve, Riverside space open space to create…, Not only to restore the clean environment of the river, but also to replicate the ecological friendly habitat of the river, and to remove the stench of ";At the same time in the county government and relevant departments of the joint efforts, industry, government, academia joint planning and design, civil also spontaneously established「Wannian River Conservation Association」, To jointly help the conservation and maintenance of Wannian River Creek, the expectations of thousands of years the river can be more beautiful. This year's recommendations should clearly define the improvement objectives,follow-up maintenance management, regular follow-up monitoring of river water quality, the river channel, water quality improvement of the river, Stability and objectives related to the project ,and detailed records and information will be open, for the future at different stages of rehabilitation review and improvement of reference, this will effectively promote and enhance the effectiveness of river rehabilitation programs.

 Summary of river environment before recovery adjustment . The both sides are mainly for the concrete revetment, in the river two row pier column standing (from the park upstream bridge about 200 meterse)

Left:Before the recovery,the river course pier column stands  
Right:After the recovery, the river course pier column removed

Before the recovery,Shengli Bridge upstream and downstream of the river course for the green vegetation, natural good

Before the recovery, in addition to retaining the river bank of the Vegetation, more strong river bank protection and landscape green landscaping

  River pier column removed, the both sides for the concrete revetment, river bed for the concrete back cover

  After the recovery adjustment removal of part of the pier column, the use of structural waste materials, additional revetment basis protectionStone cage, taking into account the safety and ecological