Jade palace

         Jade Palace, Pingtung City. For Confucianism, Taoism, the temple. Dedicated to the Jade Emperor and Confucianism, Taoism, the release of the gods as the main god. There have been 60 years of history to date. Mr. XING LI in the Republic of China in 39 years, In the Pingtung City Minzu Night Market to create Bashan Church, the city, dedicated to the mediocre mediator, to help the world for the purpose of the priesthood of the Virgin Mary. To the Republic of China forty-nine years because of a sense of noisy in night market, is moved to Pingtung City Renai Road and buy a shop, covering eighteen in the Ping, and is known as the Jade Palace, add to the mysterious days of God by the worship of God, Mainly.

         Because of the miraculous, so that the gods far and wide, incense top Sheng, pilgrims flocked, every festivals, the original palace narrow, cannot accommodate many believers. Still in the Republic of China fifty-five years to seek to build the , After the mysterious days of the gods show that is set at the site of the temporary palace, and to worship the emperor of God as the main god, when the grass, financial constraints, all due to the simple on the simple foundation. There is a demand for people, the incense bus busy, crowded, every festival is still less than needed to still need to rebuild in situ, after the agreement, that is, the beginning of the purchase of land by the Republic of China for sixty years of dynamic work, which rely on the good faith to work together The vicissitudes of life, to overcome all difficulties, and finally completed in the Republic of China completed sixty-five years, held a fire station celebration.

         Before the construction of the Jade Palace, the free road elevated railways and thousands of years Creek, etc., often car accident, drowning, water suicide and other events, frequent to and like, miserable, people vivid, people as Wan-Nian-River of Ziyou Road section After the night, it was inaccessible, since the construction of the palace, Mongolian emperor and other gods only God of the divine power, and held three days of law, over the pring of the soul, then make everything into calm.

Build history:
●Republic of thirty-nine years (1950) was founded in the Minzu night market, Palace name Bishan Church, worship worship Meizhou three mother, to help the world for the purpose of the Church for Mr. Xing Li.
●Republic of China forty - nine years (1960) moved to Renai Road changed its name to the Jade Palace, by the worship of God, is the main support of the economy.
●Fifty-five years (1966) and then moved to the establishment of temporary palace, the main worship of the emperor.
●60 years of the Republic of China (1971) due to maturity is to buy land to build the front hall (Ling Xiao Temple and the possession of the temple)
●Republic of sixty-five years (1976) into a seat, open the palace, by the residents worship.
●Republic of China eighty-two years (1993) to start the construction of the apse (fourth floor Main Hall, the third floor of Sanqing Bao Dian, the second floor of the Royal Palace, the first floor of the activities center)
●Republic of China eighty-four years (1995)
●Republic of China eighty-seven years (1998) by the instructions of civil and military guard Xiaoxiao, is the purchase of the construction of the left and right two houses (Dacheng Temple, Yuan Mingbao Dian), after 1 year.
●Republic of China eighty-eight years (1999) into the seat, seven big temple in Yan finished now palace.
●90 years of the Republic of China (2001) to build overturned eight treasures gold furnace, Royal Deck Tianwang floor, placed Royal sedan and the king, God boy, four students, etc.

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