Fufeng Palace

         Fufeng Village is the post-war Penghu immigrants living area. More to the civil handyman for the industry. Today there are still 70 percent of the residents of the Penghu. Fufeng Palace enshrined on behalf of the day to patrol million Xue Chi House three thousand years old. Built Phoenix Temple in Lintou Village, Penghu County. Taisho seven years (1918) by the believers incense to Pingtung City. Taisho fifteen years (1926) plastic gold body set Fu Fang altar in the Nanshujiao. Showa eight years (1933) autumn. Local gentry built to build the temple. After 3 years of work.Showa eleven years (1936) winter finished. Renamed Fufeng Palace. Republic of China forty-seven years (1958) Spring internal and external rehabilitation. To the Republic of China forty - eight years (1959) by the management committee to buy the temple to rebuild all completed.

        Fufeng Palace is located in Fuzhou Street. Established in the Republic of China 25 years. It is the temple built by the Penghu immigrants. Lord Sacrifice Xue Wan Chi Wang Ye. Is also the main beliefs of Lintou Village Penghu. Small Fufeng Palace, with a southern characteristics of the swallowtail roof, the eaves in the renovation after the use of glazed tiles, both sides of the wall of the cove pots to create the characters of the Three Kingdoms era, Wonderful Xiao, other exquisite dragon and tiger carving, cut stick and so on. Lifelike, there is a master of the painting, but also to increase the value of the temple itself, the temple before the temple can let people activities, enjoy the rich Penghu immigrant taste of the temple.

Temple appearance Fufeng Palace Wushou
The history of Fufeng Palace along Lamp pole