SHU DE LI's former residence

         SHU DE LI was born on September 15, 1929 in the screen East Wan Dan, his father MING JIA LI is not only a doctor, but also music and art lovers, he had to leave the musician FU XING ZHANG under the violin, the other such as cello, mandala, Hu Qin and other musical instruments are also involved; also often employ Lukang well-known South Orchestra to play at home, and set up in his hometown "Mandolin" Orchestra. Mother SEN SEN LIN is a door lady, from childhood to accept English education, and will play the piano, under the parents of Tao Tao, SHU DE LI 6 years old by the well-known music educator ZHI CHUAN LIi Mongolian piano, 16-year-old studied in Pingtung Girl's Senior High School began to play the violin , She had once loved the voice of the cello, but could not wait to give up, but the violin can be free, walking around, born like free, she chose the violin for the object of life for life. In 1949, she was admitted to the Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan Normal University predecessor) Department of art, but the white terror of the "four six learning tide" smashed SHU DE LI pursuit of artistic dreams, in 1950 but accidentally led her to the music hall, Into the music department, put on the door under the door, eventually became a generation of violin godmother's master figure.

Former residence appearance Home outside the violin street lamp
Former residence appearance Violin specially designed opposite the house
Violin Bridge on the installation of art The former residence of trees and trees now prosperous

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