Taiwan sugar corporation Pingtung General Factory

         Pingtung Ciaotou Sugar. The Japanese rule was called Aurora sugar, 1907 by the Taiwan Sugar Club set up in 1909 to start the sugar. Is located in Pingtung County Pingtung County Pingtung Street, for the present Pingtung County Pingtung County. Pingtung Plain, the first new sugar factory, for the 1904 by YUN TI SU ladder established Nanchang sugar club in the village Gongguan (now Pingtung City Gongguan).The new sugar factory, but often due to equipment failure and unskilled and other reasons, due to continued production as expected, in December 1906 by the Taiwan Sugar Co., Ltd. controlled by the Dadong Sugar Club acquisition, and in May the following year (1907) with the East Sugar was incorporated into the Taiwan Sugar Association (continued to sugar to 1910), in June when selected in the return of the construction of A monkey sugar, in August began to build a monkey sugar to the nine of the railway, in November to build a monkey sugar , Completed in December 1908, the beginning of the beginning of 1909 began to sugar production, crushing capacity of 1,200 tons in 1910 to expand the plant, the press capacity to upgrade to 3600 metric tons, and the addition of alcohol factory, formerly known as Toyo largest new sugar and sugar factory.

         After the recovery, it was the second division of the Taiwan Sugar Company, which was renamed the Pingtung Sugar Factory, which was classified as "broken" by the violent bombardment, and was repaired until 1948. The In 1950, the total factory system, renamed the Pingtung General Factory, under the jurisdiction of Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Xiao gang, Nanzhou (Hengchun sugar factory incorporated), Qishan sugar factory; 1955 was originally attached to the new camp plant Taitung , Hualien Sugar Factory changed to Pingtung General Factory.

         In 1968, the factory system, jurisdiction over Pingtung, Nanzhou and Qishan sugar factory, in 1975 after the revocation of Kaohsiung plant, Kaohsiung and Rende sugar factory changed by the Pingtung General Factory jurisdiction .177 years Pingtung pulp mill set up , In January 1985 by the Pingtung General Factory jurisdiction; the same year in June Taiwan sugar to abolish the supervision system, the original plant area of the sugar factory by the company directly under the management, Pingtung plant name remains unchanged .988 pulp mill reorganization Pingtung by - product processing plant, from the Pingtung General Factory jurisdiction.

         1994 Pingtung by-product processing plant closed, in October 1997 Pingtung General Factory sugar factory closed, restructuring for the Pingtung Sugar Factory .1998 in January Screen head sugar factory restructuring for the Pingtung factory, in January 2004 to change For the Asset Management Center Pingtung District Operations Department, in October 2005 to Taiwan Sugar Company Pingtung District, the jurisdiction of the South Island plant is now part of the land for the Pingtung City office.