Ahou Shrine

         The Zhongshan Park in the Japanese rule in 1902 opened the park. Completed all facilities the Monkey Park in 1915.Was the largest park green space in the city street at that time. In addition to recreational entertainment. Has become a variety of important activities to meet, to commemorate or celebrate the place.

         On November 8, 1919.Symbol of the Japanese national Shinto monkey shrine in the Monkey Park held a town seat. God for the North White River Palace for a long time Prince. Was the largest and most important shrine of Pingtung? Shrine base selected in the Monkey Park. Using the park to set up a trail. Extended worship space. Create a green forest with the environment. So that the worshipers can feel the innocent atmosphere of the shrine.

         In February 1924,and then set up in the Arab-Israeli Monkey Street in the end of the end of the river into the eastern part of Pingtung Park. At the end of the river in February 1911 the town of. Little shrine for local gods during the Japanese occupation. Worship fox fairy, warehouse rice soul god, ape Tian Yan life, the palace can be life and other gods only.

         After the war more than the shrine was removed, the monkey shrine has been changed to Martyrs' Shrine, demolished in 1952, converted into a stadium, currently only left God bridge structure .This bridge is a reinforced concrete arch bridge, the surface material for the wash stone , The morphology is mimicking the wooden bridge, the plane of the bridge is double-flared, both ends of the "eight" shape outward and inward contraction, the central is a straight bridge.

        Bridge on both sides of the bridge on each side of the four sturdy round hope column, look at the top of the pillars have a bronze stigma, stern above the similar to the decoration of the beads. Railings above the bar for the round section, and the bottom is not Piece of the fence, but the square section of the bridge, the central bridge for the arched bridge deck, with this section of the bar to find the rod and the fence is also a circular arc, hope column and the column between the bridge section of the railings are equipped with two The square of the short column, the column has a small bucket to support the rods on both sides of the bridge at the straight road, the railings to find the rod and the bar is a straight line.Caheo building body was also removed and converted into the elderly Will be pavilion, the base part of the reservation to change the use of air - raid shelter.

South of the pool, pavilion, trail bridge in Japanese rule. The bridge of the park pool is now look.
The end of the river charge of the relics of the shelter and the pavilion. Pingtung shrine in Japanese rule.