On the brook, swing the boat

         In the 1950s, In front of the present Huaqi bank in the Wannian River ,someone had begun to run a business about boats. More than ten small wooden boats stoped near the stream segment of the Min He Elementary school's gate, and it was the ferry. At that time the owners leased small wooden boats boating,The rental time was calculated on the basis of half an hour.If you didn't row back to the ferry when the time was up, the owner would beat drums and clang’ gong’s along the river to find the boat, and shout "No. 3 boat, please back to the ferry as soon as possible ......"

         81-year-old Zheng Huiyao still remembered the scene that he was rowing a boat with his friends together at Wuyin brige when he was 21 years old in 1996, One of this friend was a section chief of the city office,and another friend was “the king of eel” at that time. Zheng Huiyao was the second generation boss of Pingtung photo shop.He kept the photo of rowing after he took over the photo shop from his father JHENG-LUN. The Pingtung photo shop had been renamed as "New Pingtung"in the 21th  century , responsible His son , ZHENG,ZHI-HONG,The old photo was the most eye-catching in the photo shop.Wannian-River's youth and beauty were also shineing in the yellowish photo, and he is still go through Wannian-River's Forest Bridge every day to find the best memories of his young time.

         SHEN,MING-JHANG, who was retired from the Irrigation Bureau, went to Wannian-River rowing, "Really beautiful", he said, Around the 1960s, lovers like to take girlfriends to row boats: However, the rivulet discolored. Wannian-River suffered serious pollution.It was ridiculed that the mosquitoes of Wannian-River "Were big enough to fry a dish of three."

         At that time, Taiwan's general economic level was not good, in addition to tourists, people who could rent boats to tour brook were few. At that time the children just cut down the head and tail of banana trees,and used straw rope to tie the four banana trunks together, that and they had a "banana raft".

The place is no longer suitable to row boats because of safety problem The present picture of Wannian River
Commonly parents took children to the river side for playing People often took pets to walk beside the river