Through the long years of Wuyin Bridge

        In 1923, the Japanese government set up a cable suspension bridge“ Dongxing Bridge” in front of Dongxing Lane, and it became the focus of this beautiful era for many people in Pingtung.Li Canhui, born in 1946,had lived in Zili Rd. beside the Wuyin bridge since he was a child. He still remembers that there was an old man pushing a candy stand to the bridge every day, gathering many children around to have fun. Li Canhui kept gray geese at home when he was a child. He helped this family to drive out the gray geese into the river every day. In the evening, he often saw kingfishers, egrets, Gallinula chloropus and other water birds. There were also buffaloes there.

        Li Canhui impressively said that at that time, the Ziyou Rd. was under construction, so the students of Rena’s elementary school almost went through the Wuyin bridge to go to the school. The summer time in Pingtung was very hot; the bridge paved by wood was even hotter, the children without shoes always ran through the Wuyin bridge. In order not to be scalded on their feet. After school, boys were often diving together from the bridge, "That was really a wonderful era ......"
        "Wuyin Bridge witnessed my youth and the history of Pingtung City ......" Li Canhui took out an old photo, talking about the significance of the era behind the picture, and the evolution of the Wannian-River riparian landscape. He said that in 1961 he took a picture in front of Wuyin bridge when he was in the third grade’ of junior high school, the river bank was covered with bananas in the picture; It was the primitive landscape of the river. In 1964, Li Canhui was in the third grade of senior high school. He took a picture at the high bottom phase of Wannian-River. Somebody was fishing beside him. In the photos, we could saw that people solarized the straw mat beside the bridge. Li Canhui said that the Wannian-River was a natural river. There was also a vast shoal next to the river, and people went fishing or dabble in the river. In 1966, Li Canhui went to college; He also took a picture in front of Wuyin bridge after school. He said there was a stack of straw in the picture ehich could be used as a fuel or as a subsidiary feed for cattle. And the rear was the Department of Health Pingtung Hospital. Besides, Li Canhui said, the recorded data showed that in 1964, Wuyin Bridge was removed, but he still also took pictures in front of Wuqiao Bridge when he came back in 1966.Some friend of his said they didn't see the Wuyin bridge after they came back to Pingtung. As a result, he speculated that the Wuyin bridge should be removed around 1966.

        In fact, many Pingtung people retained the photos that were taken in front of Wuyin Bridge. This bridge seemed to become the memorial bridge of Pingtung people. In another picture that provided by Li Canhui, you can see the majestic original condition of Wuyin Bridge. The former dean. Of Pingtung Hospital, Chen Qinghua, had also photographed the original condition of Wannian-River and Wuyin bridge in the 1950s to the 1960s. A teacher Li that was retired left a photograph of the whole family here.

Old Wuyin bridge photo (source from: Google)
Old Wuyin bridge photo (source from: Google)