The Evolution of the Boundary

1. Before-and-after opening Ziyou Road

         The era of Japanese ruling ended, and the era of national government ruling came. In addition to Pingtung Sugar Refinery and part of the settlements in Wannian River was still the boundary for Pingtung City. It was desolate there and there were no roads, There were just roads for carts, bicycles or for people on foot. Pingtung district are in many regions, Slums, beggars and erotic places were concentrated here.

         In 1945, the urban area were parallel roads, like Minsheng Road, Fuxing Road, Linsen Road, by the Wan-Nian-River and there was no roads connecting these par-allel roads, only the so-called cattle roads. PEI NAN OU was born in 1940.In 1953,before the Ziyou Road had not been opened up, he lived in the present site of the Jade Palace, when the Jade Palace had not been relocated here. Two or three hundred pings of land.Hear here be-longed to PEI NAN OU’s father, YIN PIAO OU, who oper-ated the" extension Lin "timber company(Later renamed the Sea Line).

        PEI NAN OU had the memory that his father, YIN PIAO OU, was said to be the legend of that era, coming from Qieding District-Kaohsiung City, he led a group of folks from the Pingtung to start a new life in the Japanese ruling era. At the beginning, he sold charcoal.Later, he under took Forest Bureau Forest Division the cutting career.And then operated the timber company in the river bank. First, they lived near the gendarmerie and later, moved to the timber company.He was not used to it at first because of the noise of the small sugar train passing by.

         Before Ziyou Road had not been opened up,in addition to the carts, romantic stories were going on in the Wan-Nian-River banks. PEI NAN OU said, at that time, Ziyou Road was called"Love Road”. He and his wife met here. It is wife lived on the other side of the river and he was on this side. They often talked by the stream side. However, Tragedies are always there. Love Road was the place where lovers jumped into the river.He had witnessed three people by jumping into the water from the railway commit suicide.

        PEI NAN OU is close friends HUAN YONG CHEN, MIN XIONG HUANG,also recalled that at the time, because of many people in love in Ziyou Road, even an incumbent soldier were blackmailed by bad juveniles, which led to homicide. The case was judged quickly and. Immediately the prisoner was executed by shooting by the bank of Wan-Nian-River. It was quite sensational in Pingtung during that time.

         Besides romance, young PEI NAN OU like wolf dogs. He said that, because he often walked his wolf dog around the Wan-Nian-River, he made several well-known people in Pingtung. One of them was SHU DE LI ’s father MING JIA LI.He had the impression that,MING JIA LI was ten years older than him, but he became friends with him. In his memory MING JIA LI was tall and skinny, with some stubble on his face. He took care of the younger generation.They were acquainted because of dogs.After fiftey years, In March 201 when he looked at his old friend MING JIA LI's black and white photographs.He sighed that time was going very fast.

         Pingtung City Administration started, in 1953,to build a road along the Wan-Nian-River. At that time more than ten thousand Chinese soldiers involved in the Korean War defected to freedom at that time. The Central City Road, was named as the Ziyou Road.At that time, the reason why Pingtung City Administration opened up the Ziyou Road, was that the design of the Japanese-era streets of Pingtung City, was narrow.After the resumption of Taiwan, the population surged.In order to meet the actual needs, they opened up the road. Pingtung City Administration Office also said, the opening-up of Ziyou Road had facilitated the development of urban areas and allowed vehicles from Kaohsiung to Chaozhou、Hengchun、Taidong、and other places meet to detour urban small streets, but to go straight along the Ziyou Road.

        The development of Ziyou Road.Could be said to be a big project at that time. It was divided into three periods. From the first phase of construction in 1953 to the third phase of completion in 1963, it took a total of ten years. The first section of the road is from the Jianguo Road to the Minsheng Road. It is 1412 meters long and 15 meters wide.And they built new 15 bridges. It was completed on July 23, 1954.The second phase of the project was from the Minsheng Road to Linsen Road.Full-length 313 me-ters,15 meters wide, included five culverts. It was com-pleted by the end of December 1956.

         The third phase of the Ziyou Road project was the most special was the most special.It’was from Linsen Road to Dalian Road.Full-length was 848 meters,It had three culverts and one concrete bridge .Due to the change of the length of the stream for 280 meters.The required project funding was the most of the three.Until the provincial subsidy it didn’t start came.The whole section completed in June 1963.

2. Development and Movement of the Boundary Line

         Ziyou Road took a decade to open up ahd.To promote the all-round development along the Wan-Nian-River bank.Originally considered the metropolitan boundary line , the river bank.Immediately promoted to the most rapid zone the urban development. The first the high-profile public unit was stationed in Ziyou Road for the Pingtung hospital.Pingtung hospital.Moved to the present Pingtung City Central Market in 1910 and changed its name to" a monkey hospital". In 1920 the hospital changed its name to "Pingtung hospital". In 1945, the hospital was taken over by the National Taiwan Provincial Government Chief Executive Office and, renamed it as the "Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Hospital”.

         In 1955 a fire, changed the fate of the hospital.At that time, there were four main groups of buildings downtown.A large circle took as the center (now demolished),The Telecommunication Bureau, Hua Nan Bank, Chang Hwa Bank ,Taiwan Bank and Pingtung Hospital, respectively, were located around in a clockwise direction on November 1, 1955, the flames came from (the Pingtung hospital) the second floor of .Because the hospital was a half - century wooden building, It was the first getting into the raging fire.Witnessed the fire people who said that the fire was very fierce, as if Pingtung hospital was destined to because of this fire go into history.

          At that time due to the rapid development of urban areas, the living circle has been facing a critical point, and it had to be changed in 1952 Pingtung hospital had been planned to move to Ziyou Road, and the plan was approved in 1954 by the provincial government . After the fire, the Pingtung hospital was urged to be relocated to Ziyou Road. and the original vendors, who were originally located at Fengjia Road, moved there.and then the central market was set up in December 1957. This series of changes not only .changed the situation of the city , but also contributed to the development of the Ziyou Road.

         QIU MEI LIU who was still five or six years old, stood in front of the Pingtung Hospital signs half a century ago, surrounded by long grass and his father MU SHANG LIU took his daughter's photo. MU SHANG LIU worked in the Pingtung Hospital at the same time. QIU MEI LIU also worked in Pingtung Hospital after she had groemop.The father and daughter recalled the scene, of the Wan-Nian-River. In Liu father and daughter’s memories, then Ziyou Road was not that properous but showed it’s original scenery of the river, compared to the old scene in the city, the scene was very different.

          Another well-known Pingtung Christian Hospital , also has a close relationship with the Wan-Nian-River and Ziyou Road. During the opening-up Ziyou Road, the founder of the Christian Hospital, doctor JIA SHI BI and his wife came to Pingtung in 1956. However,the couple had no residence in Pingtung .When SHU DE LI was studying in the United States her house, located in the Ziyou Road by the Wan-Nian-River was empty to use.Therefore rented it as a dormitory .1958, doctor JIA SHI BI doctor opened " Christian clinic sanatorium " in LI’s house. He set up a few simple wards and took in patients,sufferingfrom Tuberculosis and Poliomyelitis patients In 1961,the Pingtung Christian Hospital moved to the present site Dalian Road 61, Pingtung City until now, Although the Pingtung Christian Hospital has been expending itself continuously , the site is still close to Wan-Nian-River bank. The Pingtung Christian Hospital and Wan-Nian-River still has a deep friendship.

         In addition to the hospitals during , this period , schools also have stationed near the river , which used to be the Min He Elementary School the Min He Section of Ren Ai Elementary School in August 1956 was set up.The school was renamed as Pingtung Min He Elementary School, becase of the implementation of 9-years compulsory education in 1968. The other side of the river is Chien Kuo Elementary School, it was set up also in 1956.At that time it was the Chien Kuo Section of Da Tung Elementary School. The school became an independent school, the Chien Kuo Elementary School in 1957. One is in the middle of the Wan-Nian-River,and the other is in the downstream of the Wan-Nian-River, We can see that the rapid development of the river banks. Population began to in-crease, so that schools were set up.

         Not only the hospital and schools ,residence , tea rooms, restaurants and cinemas , were springing up like mushrooms on both sides of the river was the witness of this era. The second generation of the host JIN SHENG WANG said. His father , JI LIU WANG, and his mother ZOU LIN, originaly wanaged a soap factory, but later they found the site was the traffic hub, of when going back and forth from Hengchun, Kaohsiung people would be here when going back and fath , so the soap factory was converted into a Hoste. In the most prospensus period . Many tourists from Hengchun would live here. In addition, singers or variety song and dance troupe , must live in the hotel when they had a concerts in Pingtung.

         However, the development of Pingtung City was extremely rapid. After Ziyou Road was wide, the Taiwan line (Minsheng Road) and Andong Road, were widened opened up in the 1960 , causing the city boundary line (Wan-Nian-River) to mave to the left bank the Development, of the whole city soon went in the 1970s across the Wan-Nian-River. The development of the city would no longer be limited to Wan-Nian-River. The original border of the city collapsed soon . The family waste water and industrial and commercial waste water emissions increased, Wan-Nian-River became stinky .