Shi Hu Painted Sugar Train of memory

         Although the sugar mill were located in the southern suburbs of Wannian River, however, through the private rail, the official railway iron can still conveniently of connect the main line the city center traffic line. In addition as the Japanese lived with the factory traffic plus the forming sugar economic network around Industry, within the sugar industry's life had been greatly changed within the bamboo fence. These changes involve the overall development of Pingtung City, and changed the lives of the people.

         Formerly due to if the inconvenience local traffic, the Taiwan sugar train in the transport of raw materials also a part of transportation of passengers and caego and mail communication between urban and rural areas, At that time, many people also took the Taiwan sugar commuter train. Many local agricultural products in Pinging , such as Laopi pineapple, Xinpi banana, are also in the use of Taiwan Sugar train to transport. In addition ,in order to facilitate the Japanese traffic in the refinery, there was a railway linking Pingtung  Railway Station to the Jiuqutang Station and directly to Kaohsiung port area.

         This was not only for transporting sugar, but also opened the path for the people of other counties and cities to enter the Pingtung plain and enriched the local culture.For example, the immigrants in Tainan salt area went into the Wanlong farm, the north Hakka people went all the way down to the river area along with the development of Pingtung Sugar, such as the new Fan  sub-Po, next to Pingtung Fuxing Hospital. Nine such as Yuquan Village, Neipu East Village, the new potential.

        There are two kinds of saying: the first argument is that sugar factory trajectory is 762mm and it is about a half of the world is standard gauge 1430mm that,so it was called” the distance between the two stations is very close and the train, almost has to stop every five minutes so , it was called”five-minute train”

         When the in the chimney Pingtung sugar factory began to give of the white smoke, it was busy season for the small Taiwan sugar train to shuttle on the road of the city. At the banks of the Aberdeen River next to the factory, because of the sugar industry, it had become increasingly busy along with the leisure industry the entertainment lives, Restaurants, bars, theaters all enriched on both sides of Fanzaipu. However, , and many old people still had their childhood sweet memories,beside the banks of Wannian River.

         At that time, the small train ran from the Fuxing Road out of the Taiwan sugar factory, in the free road next to the river next to through Minshenglu, Linsenlu, Park East Road along the free road, and then, Shenglidonglu, Zhongzhenglu, Xinyilu, Zhong xiaolu, and formed a wed with Pingbei raw material area, Pingtung City could be regarded as Taiwan's most train rail lines. Today, we can only, explore the trail of the era of Japanese iron buried along the asphalt road in the residual iron slip road trail iron.