Wannian River the background story

         AD 1662 May Zheng Chenggong defeated the Dutch, established capit in Taiwan the East. Chikan was set as Chengtianfu, Tianxing County was to the north and the Wannian County was to the south, Pingtung County was set as Wannian County east of Danshuixi Bapanshe fan community center: "Ahoushe."

         AD 1721 (Kangxi 60 years), Zhu Yigui incident, Zhu Yigui was arrested, the rest of the panty stayed in Ahoucheng to make a comeback. Zongbing Lan Tingzhen An Zha line Taigongguan, garrisoned in the Xinxingshe and Ahoulin. Soothe, to raise the policy, on fortification: by the garrison soldiers, line security, do militia, raise justice to defend the local people. Later, the name of the Xinxingshe was replaced by the Gongguan Village, name: Fengshan County under the Danshuigang Gongguanzhuang. Gongguan Village defensive range: North to Ligang, south to the Xinyuan . Now Pingtung City area belong Dishuixi ... Wannian River, Shashexi, Niuchouxi, Touqianxi, Danshuixi,Ailiaoxi said the Gongguan Village six river.

         The ancient six rivers often changed the waterways because of the flood, the confluence is in the Touqianxi wilderness lowlands, the sand alluvial was formed by flords in Daxizhou, for the present Dazhou Village location.In the period of the Japanese occupation, they built embankments to consolidate the bank,and infensify watercontral project were used to irrigate the farmland,remediation Ailiaoxi,diversion south inflow Donggangxi (called Dongxi),eliminating the top of Liu Zi Lin, under Liu Zi Lin Zhuang,Dahu Village, Longhua,Gongguan Village,Xinxing Village,Yucheng Village, Lunzaiyi,Dazhou Village continent of the flood. Chonglanzhen flows through Tanzaiqiangang,Touqianxi,Zhuanzaiyaoliaogang (water and land transportation port) and Niuchouxi confluence of Danshuixi eventually. Wannian River upstream Chonglanzhen ,Yonganzhen .Wannian River in the Panzaipu release the river to Shashexi after intercept into taiwan sugar corporation , In the Yong'an Village into the Niuchouxi confluence into Danshuixi (called Xixi). In 1950 called Gaobingxi after the Pingtung was founded as Pingtung County. In 1975, in order to control the urban flood, the Xinsheng Village, the Xinsheng Village large areas of agricultural land consolidation planning for the Daxin Village Redevelopment Zone program processing,renovation to broaden the Niuchouxi to 40 meters wide, and channel straightening, occupy Daxin Village Redevelopment Zone agricultural land 12 hectares, to solve the flooding in urban areas and Dazhou Village .

         AD 1895 during the period of the Japanese occupation, the first sort out census , cadastral, after the measurement of registration, the other no one recognized the land, the vast wilderness, Japan introduce three companies, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Anbe to develop the land in Taiwan, plant sugar canes, and produce sugar.AD 1901 (Meiji 34 years) after determining the Taiwan sugar corporation policy, they constructed the latest machinery and equipment sugar factory of the world all over the north and south.Pingtung sugar factory initially looked for lands, and finally take a fancy to the location of the Wandan Township Office. Because the opposition of Wandan people they gave up, and then determined the location of Taitang in Pingtung City. At that time, the owner of the land belonged to Lin Yingliang that was the richest man in Pingtung. Lin Yingliang was born in October 3, 1881, died in March 18, 1957,in Ahoujie, he operated oil extraction, dyeing factory, and set up the "Qingji" foreign firm.

Qingji foreign firm is located in Yong Fu Road, Qingji Street

         Ancient spread: Ahou "Lin Qing Kee", Wandan "Li Zhongyi", Dazhou "Yang Tsaibei", Gongguan "Chen Zhigao" (foolish pig), were all the locally reputed richest men.The Japanese and Lin Qing Kee made a consultation to build the latest sugar factory in Pingtung. Lin Ying-liang , agreed to provide more than a hundred low-cost land for Taiwan's sugar-making company to found the factory in Pingtung, and started planning open up the other river way in Wannian River, that flowed into from Panzaipu the Health Bureau, Jianguolu section of the street by the old river.Before Japanese occupation, Wan-Nian-Rivre ran through the Pingtung central area. It often changed the waterways because of the heavy rain. The old river land was built into the hospital (now Central Market), the bank, the telecommunication office, Yongfu Road Qingji Street, Fengjia Road, railway station, Houyi, the labor park, the prosperity of the urban areas, and founded Pingtung vegetable market (Pingtung night market), which was all Lin Qing Kee's contributions. Lin Qing Kee's contributions to Pingtung City: to open up the old waterways, and to create the progress of the prosperous urban area which had been considerable performances, Lin Qing Kee's contributions really cannot go unnoticed.The second and third session of the county magistrate, in Pingtung County Lin Shicheng was Lin Qing Kee's second son.