Basic introduction

        Wannian river, formerly known as "Panzaipu river", also known as "Ahou river", upstream Haifeng channel, Chonglan old and Kuilaigongguan import, from the suburb of Ruiguang Road, Dalian Road into Pingtung City, and through Qianxi Park, and Ziyou Road, Zili Road, Neighborhood, about 5.5 km long, downstream with Shashe River sink into Niuchou Creek, and finally into KaoPing Creek. The water of the Wannian river during the Japanese occupation was an important source of water for the "Taiwan sugar corporation Ahou Sugar Refinery", and the trains transported by the raw materials were made by the railway and the factory on the Wannian river. But the Wannian river once lost the original style, after remediation, and once again show vitality. Wannian river in the middle and lower reaches of the river on both sides set up ecological stone cage, Mingui 2nd St. Bridge to Shengli Bridge area, then Masonry to create ecological space. Creek around the wooden plank road and viewing platform, to provide people walking, resting space. "Bridge of Hope", "Bridge of History", "Minhe Bridge" and "Bridge of Happiness". The four pedestrian bridges are built in the railing by the famous river scenery, the river history and the student works. The train near the old railway, near the old railway, set up a small train monument, the original "Wuking Bridge" (Dongxing Bridge) site (Zili Rd. Next to Pingtung Hospital opposite) also set up a monument to the Wannian river nostalgia Taste becomes quite strong. Thousands of years from time to time there are water birds flying, in addition to occasional willow interspersed, most of them on both sides of the Taiwan Golden-rain Tree, especially in the fall, from afar, red, yellow, green staggered, more Wannian river add color The Every great city, there is a beautiful river, the beautiful Wannian river, pregnant Pingtung rich rich cultural landscape and natural ecology, welcome to come to savor!

histories sites

We will introduce several of the more important historical sites near WanNian River and the beautiful attractions worth remembering in history, whether it is full of rich cultural history or full of rich and humane place, we will be introduced to everyone know.

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As a result, our county government started a Wan Tin River renovation project in 2008 - "Pingtung Deep Breath City" (the first phase of the project was officially completed in 2012 and the second phase of the environmental improvement program painting.

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