Elements of Research Project Planning


1) What information tools & technologies did you used to complete your CyberFair project?


Name of Facility



Computer Hardware


Multimedia application


Multimedia application

Digital Camera


Tablet and other mobile device

We tested the website and checked if it can work properly on a mobile device.


Internet transport

Computer Software


Video editing, and making web page elements


Editing and making web page

CSS3 MENU Create a CSS dynamic menu.


Transfer files from the web page to the web server.

WindowsNT Server

Web server


Data word processing


We used the instant messaging, and sent out files for data compaction.


2016 HSHS Sweet Team

Normal Facility

Phones and mobile phones


Messenger or instant messaging

We borrowed the school facilities and used them during an interview to shoot the video.


We did the photo-shooting.


Teaching & Learning Center

Library, the study room, and the computer lab

The Facebook Platform we used to exchange ideas for a discussion online

PhotoImpact feature to convert video into web page


2) In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

· We visited the town chief in Tianwei Township and the general director of Farmers’ Association.

We visited the chief executive at the local government and show them how we care about the development of local cultural industry. We also let the local government know that we use the Taiwan School Cyberfair to show people around and promote the local culture features globally.

· We found our plant topic for this project as we walked into the field.

We used lots of photos to illustrate our points to introduce the featuring flower crops one by one so that the visitors browsing online can have the same experience as we do in real world.

· We found our plant topic after listening to the plants whispering.

We create a topic of listening to the plant whispering. This topic perfectly fits in our narratives to illustrate the well-developed agro speciality in Tianwei. The town folks know their advantages quite well so they grow the local specialty and further develop its own feature by integrating with the industrial development.

· We find our topic to share knowledge and experience through DIY project.

We worked on 4 topics to experience the work we do in this DIY project: 1 Day Florist, Growing Plants, Experiencing Miniature Garden, and Talk about How to Grow Mums using photos to introduce each topic step by step. We want to invite visitors online to have a closer look at the flower crops in Tianwei.

· We tried to promote the feature of local industry in Tianwei using the internet.

· We found our topic to do the Tianwei Roadside Garden.

Tianwei Roadside Garden has evolved and transformed as one of the most popular tourism and leisure area in Taiwan. All these flowers were now available to visitors. We hope we may attract visitors to come to Tianwei and have fun, and they can buy some flowers to help the local business to grow and prosper.


3) What has been the impact of your project on your community?


Since we joined in this research project planning, everything we do from data collection, onsite interview, web page making, we took one step at a time, and discovered that the Tianwei Township is truly the hometown of flowers. There are many florists who run business to grow flower crops, the agro speciality, and normally, these florists will hand over the business to their next or even third generation. This project “Plants can talk: Come visit us in Tianwei” can allow more people to know about Tianwei Township. People can also travel to Tianwei Township, or even know and learn how to grow, produce, manage, and sell the flowers and plants. We’d like to invite those friends who may be interested in the flower crops and plants. They can come and visit Tianwei to take a look around, and learn or know how the business goes well. We hoped it may help to promote the business development in the flower crops industry so it can run more smoothly and may become a sustainable business in Tianwei Township.

To finish this research project, we worked so hard, spent a lot of time, and did a lot of thinking to come up with this result. It not only tests our persuasiveness, writing, teamwork, and the capability to use technology, but also allows us to learn more by broadening our horizon. We have experienced many different new things.

Meanwhile, we also learned the importance of teamwork through this research project. We showed our result and performance on each web page, and hoped that we can let the world to know about the flowers and plants in Tianwei Township are just as famous as those planted in Netherlands by using the internet.

We wanted to let more people know about the flowers and plants in Tianwei after reading our research online.


4)Respect intellectual property right and learn how to cite from quotations:

In the entire webpage portfolio of this research project planning, our team members, who joined the competition, wrote down every content all on our own. We’ve quoted from other literature, personal writing, or articles with graphics, and followed the regulations of intellectual copy rights. We also highlighted the source of each reference.

This time we focus on the feature of local specialty when doing the project. Basically, all data we borrowed from the interviewee or collected on site after shooting the video. We need to consult with professional literature and dissertation to finish the introduction to plants of these flower crops. Apart from that, we shoot our own video and 90% of the photos used on the website were made by us. The other 2% of photos were collected online after editing, and the last 3% of photos were provided by the interviewees. Thus, we should be free from any infringement issue.

We value the original work!


Photo: Seminar and creative work


5) Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises

Half of our team members are quite familiar with the project we do this time because we already have a prior experience with our last project. As for how to create a web page or how to clip photos, we can do it after running a few rehearsals. Yet, there are 3 new members who just started to learn how to do the web design. Our teacher also spent a lot of time and effort to give instructions to them so they can catch up with the teamwork. However, our senior will show the junior how to do it so we can save a lot more time to do it. First of all, we use Microsoft Word to create our layout for the documents, and then we use FrontPage to help us convert the files into html files. We don’t know much about the encoding part because FrontPage is a kind of software called What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

The most time-consuming part, the dilemma we face this time, would be the “art editing” work. We know each other quite well this time because we have experienced how to do it in our last project. For example, if we need two present 2 photos side by side, we need to leave a space between two photos based on the width of each web for fixing the width of each photo. If the width of web page is 900 pixels, we will use PhotoImpact to adjust the size of photo to 450 pixels, that is about half of the original size. And so we adopt this formula to each photo we create. After a group discussion, we helped each other and tried to do other people’s part if they can’t do it well. Our advisory teacher also gave us some instructions to fix each item. After that, we felt like we did make some progress by clipping the photo and creating the layout to do this project.

Although we had some prior experience before doing our most important interview, we still felt very nervous after the rehearsal with the teacher’s guide. Fortunately, our teacher did tell us about how to act properly, and helped us to break the ice before we moved on to our topic. Thus, we could relax a bit and moved on to our next question. We interviewed the interviewee in a more relaxing way as we talked through the interview.

I also learn from each interviewee through interaction: No one knows how to interact with each interviewee, or no one can guess how the interviewee would respond to us, or how to take minutes word by word based on the answer given in each speech. Certainly, we did have bumped into a situation when the interviewee was not sure the best way to say. When the time came, we as the interviewer would have to take courage to break the ice. We kept smiling and changed to a new topic so the interviewee won’t get nervous. This is what we have learned and it impressed us a lot.

We are very fortunate to have this chance to learn new different things and some know-how. We worked as a team through teamwork, which makes us so united as how we told people a little more about our team name — the HSHS Sweet Team. We come from a huge family (and school), which is very sweet so we keep the name short. We can help each other so we can do this project well and get it done smoothly. We come up with this mutual understanding and cheer everyone up, which makes us so united and active. Such powerful strength becomes an invisible force behind us so we can make progress. We surely are very grateful for every parents, teachers, and team members who have joined us to do this project. We want to say thank you for all your support and forgiveness. Thank you for your selfless help. We also want to say thank you to every interviewee we have come across. Thank you for sparing some time for us to do our interview. We are really grateful to all of you so we are can have a chance to learn from you.