Overview of the Research Project Planning

Title: Plants Can Talk: Come Visit Us in Tianwei
Category:  Local Specialties

1. Description of "Our Community" :

The Tianwei Township is called the hometown of flowers, which is also the location of the well-famous Tianwei roadside garden. It was assigned to be the gardening special district. Therefore, these nearby towns Tianzhong, Yongjing, Beitou, and Xizhou have also become the main area to grow flower crops and plants in Changhua County.

Holy Saviour High School is located in Tianzhong Township. Many junior high schools come from the families in these areas. They know much about this area and learn how to grow plants and cultivate them since childhood so we should get to know more about the connotation of culture and humanity within this area.


Panorama view of the Tianwei Roadside Garden shows a picture taken from the town chief’s office at Tianwei Township Office.

2. Summary of Our Project:

We introduced the features of local specialities to people through research interview on individual florist cases and field survey as we walked into the field in Tianwei Township. We interviewed the local gentry and government officers and organizations to get to know more about the industrial structure in Tianwei. We also referred to some literature for reference to help us put everything together after collecting the data we need for doing this project —"Plants can talk: Come visit us in Tianwei ".

3.CyberFair Theme:

(1) Get to know about where the specialties come from in Tianwei: We visited the next generation of Mr. Hu Kai-Liang who was the one who told us the story behind the history of Tianwei Roadside Garden.

(2) Development of Tianwei Township & its Vision: We visited the Town Chief Lin Wen-Hua in Tianwei Township.

(3) Get to know about what are the flower crops and specialities in Tianwei Township: We visited the General Director Mrs. Yang Chun-Zhi at her office in the Farmer’s Association in Tianwei Township and the Director Wu Zheng-Xian at promotion office.

(4) 1 Day Tour in the flower bed to appreciate the flower crops and the field survey we held for the interview: We introduced the feature of production management for agro specialty like flowers and plants after a group visit.

(5) We interviewed the florist in the roadside garden, searched for a distribution market, and entered into the wholesale market for local flower auction: We took it as a chance to know more about production-marketing relation.

(6) The most gorgeous integrated agro speciality in Tianwei Township are: the flower sea made of flowers and turfs, miniature landscaping art, gardening landscaping, and tourism and leisure park in roadside garden.

(7) Learning through practices and experience: We worked as farmer in the paddy field to experience how to produce an agro product, which allows us to work better on this project.



4. Our Computer and Internet Access:

A. Percentage of students using the Internet at home: more than 50%

B. Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom: There are 296 computers situated in 5 respective computer classrooms

C. Connection speed used in the classroom:  2 ADSL broadband lines (10M/3M, 75M/50M)

D. Number of years our classroom has been connected to the Internet: more than 6 years

E.Personal device: We go online using Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G mobile device.

5. Problems We Had To Overcome:

We interviewed and held a field survey, checked all literature, and observed on site. We experience by doing it ourselves, and took pictures, shot the video, and recorded speech. We discussed together about how to assign the task to each member and how to present this project by dropping down a few lines about the framework of our work process.

Finally, we did the post-clipping and editing with a teacher’s guide as if we were shooting a film to fix our pre-work. We also finished proofreading the work for the art editing part, and finished doing the web page for this project.

We normally came across repetitive issues; yet we would have adopted various solutions to cope with the new dilemma and different points we need to fix based on different topic. Here’s a list of what we have done:




How We Conquer

Technical skills

1. Some team members joined us for the very first time so they were not so familiar with the  School Cyberfair.

2. There are so things to do to fix the web design, video editing, and document layout operations.

3. They were more familiar with the tactful interview skills.


1. The teacher introduced the existence of  School Cyberfair, its value, and connotation through briefing. She also gave instructions on how to browse the official site to further explore and analyze our awarded portfolio in this competition.

2. The teacher held a 3-hour course to show us how to do the web editing and video editing. It’s an elementary class where we learned how to use PhotoImpact and FrontPage or other software to conquer the dilemma. We used the PhotoImpact to design our framework of web page, and then we used the web cutter to transform the file into an HTML document for web page design. The chief of the Teaching & Learning Center at school also provided us instant help so we can receive technical support.

3. After three times of group rehearsal, we run another 5-minutes rehearsal before the interview so we made tremendous process this time if compared to the last project we've done. 


1. This project is large in scope so everyone was nervous about being unable to finish it within the said term.

2. With the previous project reporting experience, the senior will show the way to the junior because they are more experienced.


1.Operation research method & Strategy: collective action, interpretation of records made in batch files, group discussion filing, and the rule of every minute counts

2. The teacher let us do our own work this time, and asked the senior who participated in the project last time to show us how to do it this time. 


1. The team is composed of: 1 junior high students in the first grade,  3 junior high students in the second grade, and 4 junior high students in the second grade. That’s why it is hard to keep everyone in touch.

2. There was a problem when we tried to put everything together through integrated writing.

3. As for how to assign job for everyone to do the project summary, we can hardly reach an agreement.


1. Team leader asked every team members to check on the next day’s work the platform on facebook streamline for this seminar every day.

2. The teacher showed us how to find solution at the library in the teaching & learning center. We finally decide to work on the topic outline, photo, data, and statement to do the editing work.

3. The teacher explained that the project summary should base on the initial introduction, project introduction, in-depth discussion, practice and experience sharing as its main structure.  


1. Collect data for the project and learn how to use it, and how to deal with copyright issue.

2. Is there any photo taken on site that we may use in this project?

1. The accuracy of data is equally important. When citing from the reference, we should base on the copyright act, and point out the source of reference when doing the editing work. How to fix the introduction to features and the flower crop’s name? Just keep in mind that these are the data collected from the academic research institute. We must read through the text first, and then we may start to write down the article in our own words using our own knowledge. Besides, we still need to indicate where the reference comes from.

2. Basically, all photos taken from the interview are available for use.


1. Ask the volunteers, the town chief, and the professionals about how to give them feedback.

2. We feel awkward when we got a refusal from the vendor.


1. The teacher said, “We should do as what the senior did in their last project. That is, the adults will normally send out gifts or buy you lunch. So as a student, we can give them feedback by sending them the certificate of gratitude on behalf of our school. How to break the ice? We practiced more and prepared for a handout for the speech in case of any inquiry we may want to ask.”

2. It’s all about Sociology. We should learn how to fit in the society and apologize to the person politely before we leave.




1.Data collection

2.Web design

3.Cooperative learning

4.Interview record

5.Video editing


7.Exclude emotions


1. The accuracy of data is equally important. When citing from the reference, we should base on the copyright act, and point out the source of reference when doing the editing work.

2. The WYSIWYG software is the editing software, which shares the similar feature as Microsoft word. Once we know how to use it, we won’t be afraid of it anymore. The art editor and photo cutting feature embedded in the PhotoImpact is workable and easy to use. The website management model embedded in FrontPage can handle any issues from relocating, changing file name, or changing the link. CSS3 Menu offers a super powerful software feature for making web page catalog for free. And it’s easy to use.

3. To get along with one another, we need to show respect to everyone and be forgiving!

4. Before the interview, it’s very important to get prepared and run the rehearsal. We took minutes on site by highlighting the key points with notation line by line.

5. In view of the improvement made last time during the work process, we asked the parents and teacher who also participated in the interview to help us with the photography work this time. Thus, everyone can take a group photo.

6. Construct a platform for holding the seminar to solve the problem through exchanging ideas and data. Facebook Help Community is a very useful tool.

7. We still take a deep breath, shut up our mouth, and go for a walk outside.



Instruction of web design was given by Director Zhang at the Library and Information Center.

Cooperative Learning& Seminar

6. Our Project Sound Bite:

Be good at one thing and be the expert who specializes in a particular field to be a pro endorser!

7. How did your activities and research for this International Schools CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?



Research Project Activity

Acquisition Capability


We did almost everything from writing down the feedback and contemplation after each seminar held online. We drafted some handouts for the interview, copied down the words taken from the record word-by-word after running the interview, and recorded words from our research blog and post them to the Cyberfair. We did all those writing works. These are jobs that may require language training on a daily basis. Only with the training can one be able to write down fluent paragraphs so the words can catch the attention of online visitors. Everyone has made tremendous progress in their writing capability during the time of training.

· When listening to others, we can tell from the speaker’s posture or emotion on face so we can interact with the speaker.

· We can first listen to other’s speaking, and then try to think of a way to respond.

· We can understand the speaker’s intention and his/her perspective.

· We can fully understand what the speaker was trying to say by listening between lines.

· We can drop down notes for what we've just heard.

· We can record the listening section and take notes systematically.

· When trying to express our opinions, we will respect other’s opinion first and be forgiving.

· We can use the electronic device and internet technology flexibly to integrate the message and language content so we can make a detailed report.

· We can discuss with others and share our research result.

· We can write down our work plan or draft down the item for this planning.

· We can choose from the data we collected and make appropriate use of these data.

· We can understand the everyday English placed in labels and table as we found in our life.


1. The amount of flower crops may require quite an area. We need to know how to leave spaces between sprouts so that the crops can grow properly with enough space to grow, and can bring people the utmost income they need for economic benefits.

2. We would have to consider the carriage hoist to be hanged, the hanger rod, and loading issue.

3. We first estimated how much time we may need for harvest, and then we decided the time to grow plants.

· We can learn from our living environment and experience what are the estimates.

· We can learn from a certain amount of feelings through a sensory activity, and directly compare two parallel amounts so we may further decide how to duplicate the activity based on a certain amount. (Amount: length, capacity, weight, angle, area, and volume)

· We can classify the data and put them together in words to describe the reason behind it.

· We can figure out the relation between two number modes.

· We can figure out the life context, which may have something to do with math.

Nature and Life Science & Technology

We understand which element may be required to grow the plant from watching the sprout to grow into the flower crop. We figure out how to solve the problem of plant disease, applying fertilize, water, or sunshine. What should we do to fix these problems? These are the things we cannot learn from the classroom.

· We can observe things from different perspectives by using different methods.

· We learned from plant physiology, animal physiology, procreation, hereditary and genes so we could get to know which the commonality shared by each living body is, and know what biological diversity truly means.

· We learn from the relation between industrial development and technology by observing how the two may interact with each other.

· We know how to observe carefully and think critically so as to obtain the knowledge we can trust.

· We keep practicing how to act and response to the problem first and think independently so we can come up with a good habit to find the strategy we need to think up a solution.

Social Science

To understand the origin of flower crops in Tianwei and its roadside garden, we try to learn more about the humanity and culture in Tianwei.

All flower crops may require a location suitable for its production plant based on its special demand to boost the sales. For example, the production plant of the potted flowers was built in the surrounding area of roadside garden so the visitors can travel easily to the place for purchasing. For larger nursery-grown plant, only the transportation and cheap rental land are concerned. Thus, anywhere can be the location of plant, either in a suburban area of Tianwei or a nearby village. For the chopped flowers, the flower bed should be nearby the florist’s place. It should be the top priority because the florist can go to the field and do the chores easily every single day.

We need to interview the town chief and the general director of the farmer’s association so we visited the township office and the farmer’s association. Now we understand their job duties and local affairs after visiting on site.

After walking into the auction at the wholesale market of flower crops, we know how it works and how to price the flower crops. We also know that the wholesale market does provide the contractual business to export commodity.

· We came to know the history of Taiwan (such as its ideas, its culture and social system, economic activities, and political reform) as well as its development through progress.

· We understand the relations between Taiwan, China, Asia and the world by observing their interactions through the history.

· We analyze the factors, which may form a local or regional property, and think of a way to maintain or improve it.

· We analyze the natural surroundings and humanity surrounding, and then we learn from how its interaction could have affected the lifestyle of human.

· We analyze people’s attitude may change according to the place and environment they’re in, and learn how it could have affected cultural change.

· We promote a learning organization in our everyday life (such as the family, classes, and community we live in), and come up with the concept of lifelong learning.

· We understand how to control the quality and quantity in the exporting and importing business by observing a relation started in the international trade fair. It could have affected the economic development of this country.

Arts and Humanities


We were inspired by the potted plant art, assorted potted plant, miniature landscaping, and learned how to grow plants and decorate them so the plants can look much beautiful. From the day tour to the flower bed, we are allowed to watch various flower postures and its beauty.

To acquire the data we need for editing the web page, we learn how to shoot pictures, the photography skills, and any basic knowledge related to photography.

When doing the web page, we use our knowledge of art and skills to do the web design and editing so our web page can look more attractive and increase its readability.

During an interview, we mind our words to show how much we care using the proper intonation, eye contact with smile, and body language. We learn how to be well-behaved and communicate properly using good body language.

We can tell from the nature of a group of people from their emotions. We design topics to show our care for the society and natural environment, and use appropriate media and techniques to convey personal value or group value and our emotion. We develop our unique way to exhibit our thoughts.

· We combined arts with technology and social media to design the school portfolio when we tried to put our operations into everyday practices. It does convey a message.

· We keep a good daily habit and interest to appreciate art and know how art is exhibited.

· We show our willingness to cooperate with positive attitude, and respect one another, and we can work and be organized to communicate with others, and we can work as a team to negotiate with the right attitude.

Health and Physical Education

We understand the importance of physical strength during our field survey and one-day tour to the flower bed.

As for how to possess a strong physical strength, we must do exercises every day.

· We learn how to be self-assured and know the importance of self-actualization.

· We have come up with a happy and healthy lifestyle, and believe in life philosophy so we can take further action to fight for what we believe.

Computer Information Technology

During the entire writing process when we designed the web page, we learned how to use the graphic design software on a computer by using the clip art, photo editing software, PhotoImpact, Microsoft Word, CSS3 Menu, FrontPage, FTP client, and other technology or software to help us finish our web page. 

· We learn from computer hardware, software, input and output, and other basic equipment so we have the very basic idea about how to use the free software.

· We understand which multimedia computer or facility we should use and choose from all these applications —the graphic app, image app, words, animation, and audio by putting them together for use.

· We are able to use the internet, multimedia disc, and video disc for data collection, and combine what we have learned from the hardware to find the data collection and do the analysis.

· We use the information technology in due time by training ourselves to be able to do active learning and cooperate with others to learn using the internet.

Integrative Activities


During the interview, we learned how to train ourselves to get in touch with those we never met before and be bold. Besides, we can behave in a decent manner when greeting people.

During the entire process doing the research project, our team members must get together for a discussion, and do research together. We have agreed that we must work together by doing our own assignment. We must think of a way together to solve the problems through collaboration so we can reach our goals. This partnership has made every one of us become the best partner of each other.

· We realize the best way to learn and do research, and to do so, we actually put it into practices in our everyday life.

· We know what literacy we may need to acquire if we want to join in the group autonomous activity, and we can see if we can do it.