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It¡¦s easy for a person to grow a flower; yet, if one wants to grow thousands of flowers,
it should be not an easy task.

Create the flower sea with the flowering plant.

A tiny flowering plant can be the big grain behind the large flower exposition. We can find it almost anywhere from the nursery to the central island on the road, to the flower exposition, and Hsinshe Flower Sea Festival. This time we got a chance to interview the owner of the Yamatonoen Farm flowering plant production nursery. Mr. Lo, Wu-Sheng showed us the way to learn how to grow the flowering plant, how to take care of them, and do the marketing.

DIY Process to grow the flowering plant.


I. Choose the soil.


Mr. Lo told us that the soil ingredient will directly affect the growth of the flowering plant. Therefore, he mostly applies the rice bran mixed with riverbank earth taken from the Jhuoshuei River (the rice husk) and peat soil to serve as the soil for planting to grow the flowering plant.

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II. Nursery


Based on the solar term and season, the florists will purchase the flowering plant¡¦s seeds from the Known-You Seed Co., Ltd. or other seed company. It cost much than regular seeds to grow the flowering plant. Besides, the incubation rate is around 70-80% only. The key to success is whether the florist can nourish the sprouts based on the experience. It may include precise calculation on deciding how many seeds to grow in a certain amount of area on earth. Some species of flowering plants can only be acquired in certain companies, which likely to increase the purchasing cost.

Besides, there are other factors to consider in terms of the market needs and the climate condition of this economy. One should also evaluate how many plants to grow in case all efforts should go down to drain.

Where the lavender seeds come from

Lavender nursery plate

Water the plants.

Guess how many sprouts are there in a plate?

III. Growing Division

Before growing the flowering plant, the sprouts need to be plucked up a little with the roots and earth from the nursery plate. Next, put the sprouts into the black plastic bags, and that¡¦s it. After successfully removed the sprouts, the florist need to categorize the flowering plant based on the growth period.

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(2)Mr. Lo told us how to examine the roots.

(3)A complete division of the scarlet sage¡¦s sprout

(4)Mr. Lo told us how to grow the sprouts.

(5)First fill the bag with earth.

(6)Put the scarlet sage¡¦s sprout into the bag, and then fill the bag with earth.

(7)Tools for planting

(8)Water the roots so the roots can be stuck into the earth.

(9)Final product of the scarlet sage¡¦s division after planting

IV. Care Management


To supply the market needs, the flowering plant can be categorized based on the biweekly growth period after planting elsewhere. According to Mr. Lo¡¦s idea, he needs to adjust the amount for planting based on market needs each year.

The scarlet sage planted on the left hand side
is about 1-month old. The one on the right-hand side
is about 2-week old.

Mr. Lo said that this scarlet sage is only 1-month old.

2. Adjust daylight saving time.

He would use the black-mesh net to adjust the daylight saving time based on different types of flowering plant. Sometimes, he would need to switch the plants underneath the canopy frame, which is easier for him to manage.

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3. Do the weeding and apply fertilizer.

To allow the flowering plant to acquire sufficient nutrients, he would have to apply pesticides to remove weeds. In addition, to avoid the earth warm to destroy the roots of the flowering plant, he would need to apply the insecticide so the flowering plant can grow smoothly.¡@

V. Sales


The flowering plant sales normally apply the on-site price negotiation. The price is based on the unit price. The amount may differ based on different buyers. When doing the sales, he would often encounter one problem. He doesn¡¦t know how much it will cost for the hiring labor to help him grow the flowering plants. He often offers a price, which is lower than the average cost. It can make it difficult to promote sales.

Appreciate the nursery of flowering plant at the Yamatonoen Farm.

The Yamatonoen Farm is located at a place, which is very close to the northern entrance of the Roadside Garden. It covers several hectares, and is the largest chopped flower farm that sells the flowering plants in Tianwei. It¡¦s definitely worth it and you should have come and visit the farm sometimes!


Xinshe Sea Of Flowers Festival: http://2farm.mmmtravel.com.tw/#