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1 Day DIY Farmhouse Project


A Complete Record of the DIY Farmhouse Project

[1] We gathered together at 7am, and got ready to be a 1-Day Florist.

Our team was armed to the teeth and gathered together in front of Mrs. Ke¡¦s place at 7am. We were ready to begin the 1Day DIY Farmhouse Project for today.

At the Departure

At the Departure
On Arrival

Today was our first day to experience how to be a ¡§1-Day Florist¡¨. The weather was pretty good today. We took the Asian farmer's hat in hand and headed off to the florist¡¦s house.

Once we arrived at the destination, there was a kind-hearted old woman who showed us to see the most commonly used agricultural machinery. These are all the machines we never saw or heard before. We learned a lot of things, which we could not find in our textbooks.

Carnation DIY - Twig Cutting Nursery


The old woman let us learn how to do the ¡§cutting¡¨ first. The old man brought us a plate, and we were all very curious and excited.

And then, what we¡¦ve got here is a bucket of water with sponge cube. What was that for?

The old woman filled the small holes with the sponge cubes one by one.

What we are going to do today is to fix the carnation branch using twig cutting. A bowl of rooting powder is used to help the plant to grow roots.

The woman first showed us how to do it, and we waited to see how she does it. Next, it¡¦s our turn to do it.

The old man and the old woman worked closely together to show us how to do it. They could perfectly cooperate with each other. Their minds are in sync.

Now, it¡¦s our turn to do it! We first apply the rooting powder to the plant.

Next, we insert each plant into the sponge cube one by one¡K

Everyone was fully concentrated on the work.

Yet, the old man muttered and told us ¡§That isn¡¦t the correct angle to put in the plant. You should do it like this¡K¡¨ The old man gave us instructions once in a while, and we finally made it to present several plates of plants. (Hee-Hee!)

After the work is done, we headed to the next stop, the nursery greenhouse area.


Next, we were about to deliver them into the greenhouse!

This was our first time to enter the greenhouse. That was so interesting. We waited for them to sprout. We are so excited¡K

Change our base ¡V to the mums flower bed.


Next, we were about to move on to the mum¡¦s flower bed. This is our first time to ride on this small tow truck. Besides, we have brought our small bench to sit on the tow truck. That was so exciting!

On our way to the flower bed, we felt that everything was just so exciting.

Arrive at our destination- Start to do the Sprouts Topping DIY.


The woman gave us a second instruction; that is, she told us how to ¡§pick the topping¡¨.

We removed the center topping of the mums.

The woman asked us to work as a team of 2 people. In the beginning, we thought that was fun. Yet, we ended up with an aching back!

After we removed the topping from the plant, it looks like this. The woman said by doing so, it can allow the mums to grow more branches so it can produce more flower buds.

DIY to Remove Buds


Our next instruction would be moving on to the mum¡¦s flower bed where the mums produce plenty of flower buds. This time, we were assigned to only reserve the largest mature flower bud in the center. What we need to do is to remove all those small flower buds so the the existing flower bud can absorb all the nutrients, and grow bigger and better.

The old woman who worked in the field told us that we have to be careful when reserve the last flower bud. We were very concentrated on the learning!

Everyone worked so hard to remove the buds but we wondered if the woman would cry. Because, sometimes we were too careless to remove the largest bud. Sometimes, we would remove all the flower buds accidentally. We were so sorry, and we didn¡¦t mean it. (sigh) Next, we moved on to our next stop to help the woman to cover flowers with the plastic cover. That was the easiest task we¡¦ve done it so far! [The photos to remove buds would remind us such a job that makes us unforgettable.]

Change our Base ¡V DIY to Cover Flowers with the Plastic Cover

Walking in the field, we moved on to cover mums with the plastic cover. That was the easiest task we¡¦ve done it so far!

Although the job is not so hard, we still have to be careful not to hurt the flower.

The more we did, the more we came to like the fun job. That was so easy!

Aren¡¦t these mums with plastic covers just adorable? These mums were used for colored flowers.

Move on to the carnation flower bed to do the flower-cutting DIY.

Our last instruction is to cut the flower. We went to the carnation¡¦s flower bed. Since most of the flowers were harvested, there won¡¦t many flowers left. The woman said she would like to give us 1 carnation each. That was so kind of her!

We finally found the flower we want, and the woman taught us how to cut flowers.

[2] Conclusion


In the afternoon, Mr. Zhang showed us the way to the flower wholesale auction market so we can get to know how these chopped flowers were sold out. We do learn a lot from today¡¦s DIY.

 During the DIY process, Mr. Zhang and his family told us how to grow the mums once in a while. They told us what are the good times and hardships to grow the mums.


We wanted to say our special thanks to Mr. Zhang and his family to help us with this Cyberfair project we do. We came to understand how hard the florists must work and what they do. Florist Mrs. Zhang said, ¡§I waited for you until 6am and could find you guys so all I could do is to skip the DIY course to let you grow the mum¡¦s nursery. I would do it myself by hiring a worker.¡¨ Good grief! That was such a laborious work to be a florist. A florist should get up so early to work in the field.