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Creative DIY for regular consumers or horticulture landscaping vendors can create one based on the consumer’s needs through integration




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[1] Plant Combo, Aesthetic Integration — View landscaping.


The agricultural specialty industry, which features the plant combo, can be called the most beautiful integrated garden art landscaping you can find in Tianwei. The local people can easily obtain the potted flowers, turfs, pines and cypress, big trees and small tress, and gardening materials in Tianwei. Anyone can make the most out of these accessible materials to make profit.

Therefore, some horticulture landscaping vendors will try to make the most out of the entire beautiful plant combo by putting the plants altogether, which can create a distinguished imagery. Each styles of landscape garden can be created. However, the landscaping architecture can often be found in state-owned public landscaping or private home-based landscaping. It is believed that everyone will be often attracted to the beautiful scenery. It allows anyone to free the mind and get indulged in it. Besides the horticulture landscaping vendors, most regular consumers will pick the flowers and materials they like in Tianwei and bring them home for DIY to create their own garden! However, Tianwei can integrate the local flower industry horizontally and vertically. It certainly can help the local florists to create great fortune.


[2] Talk about landscaping with the landscape architect.


Today, our team went to visit a landscape designer, Mr. Hsieh, Shih-Lung, who specializes in peasant landscape architecture. He’s more than just a landscape designer. He even runs a farmers bar, and run a band called “the Men’s Band”. He’s so cool! He told us that the landscape design should have included both garden landscaping and event landscape. Since there’s a limited time of duration for the exhibition of event landscape, the construction work is much shorter, and less follow-up problems can be found. As for the garden landscaping, it may have something to do with how to take care of the flowers and turfs so more problems can be found. Besides, the garden design and planning are equally important. Some trees are quite heavy so sometimes they would need to use a tow truck to carry the trees away. Therefore, the construction process must be run smoothly so it won’t affect other construction works to be carried out. We have prepared some questions to ask and discuss with Mr. Hsieh. These are all the questions we cannot learn from the textbook. We did learn a lot from the boss. Here’s what we’ve learned as detailed below.

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An interview with the landscape architect, Mr. Hsieh, Shih-Lung



What is the advantage of the horticulture landscaping vendors in Tianwei?

There is at least hundreds of horticulture landscaping vendors in Tianwei Roadside Garden. Yet, most of them do something more than just the horticulture landscaping job to run their business. Take myself as an example. I do the regular garden landscaping work but I also work on the stage scenery for the show such as the Hsinshe Flower Sea Festival or the Flower Expo. Furthermore, each of us own our own nursery & flower farm, and we have our own agricultural tools, which can be used in landscaping.

The advantage of the horticulture landscaping vendors in Tianwei lies in their choice of a variety of flowers and materials. They do enjoy a cheaper price as well, which means the materials cost them less money. Thus, they can have a better chance to win the bid on the construction project.

Of course, besides obtaining a lower cost for the materials, the landscaping vendors ask for more creative way to help them meet the owner’s needs. That’s exactly what we do to help them meet those needs by incorporating lots of individual creative ideas into the work to build a beautiful garden.


What is the SOP of construction work for horticulture landscaping?

The landscaping design mostly will have to depend on the owner’s needs whether to do the horticulture landscaping design or interior garden design. Most of the time, I would talk to the owner first to discuss about the budget after running through an evaluation. Next, I would go on-site for a survey, measure the scope and set planning, and I would then be in charge of the construction work, and finalize the after-sales service. Based on our spirit to collaborate with the industry, and divide the jobs through specialization, we try to incorporate the flower gardening into civil engineering, water electricity, landscaping, and design. We might be able to create the engineering goal of high-quality and high-efficiency, which allows the owner to own a specially-made garden landscaping at ease.

However, most of our works were carried out by using the 3D software. We need to cooperate with the owner and the client during the construction work process, and decide which machinery to use based on the site or which labor to carry out the construction work after an evaluation.


Can you tell us what your current working direction for landscaping is?

I often get a job to do the event landscaping so far. What I need to do is to decorate the exhibition or show on-site. It’s simply because such an event can take less time for wrapping up the exhibition, which can also bring me more profits. However, the landscaping job is too much for me, and it can drain me completely so I seldom spend time on such work right now. 


How to maintain the garden design you already built?

Before everything starts, I need to communicate with the owner first to confirm how much time it may take to maintain the garden after the whole construction work. The time can affect the price of the entire engineering work. Well, the maintenance work will basically cover three scopes: curing, trimming, and displacement.

As for going through the entire details, I would talk to the owner to sign a contract to ensure his/her own rights.


Can you tell us what your theme styles for the garden design are?

 1. Chinese-style

The core idea of a Chinese-style garden lies in how to infuse it with nature. In early stage, the garden architect tried to mimic the nature (great mountains and water). Till today, the garden architect turned to pursue natural mountain range and try to incarnate the spirit and imagery. The main approach is basically to decide how to create a natural-style garden. Its technique can find a constructive way to reflect the scenery in the garden with the scenery outside the garden.

2. Japanese-style

As for a Japanese-style garden, though there’s something connected with the Chinese-style, it puts much emphasis on the imagery of a garden, its atmosphere, which allows more room for the imagination to run wild. The garden architect will cautiously adopt the natural elements to a Japanese-style garden to express the concept. Through connection with one another, these elements will create the so-called “vibes”. A Japanese-style is normally presented with huge rocks to form a mountain. As for the river, it would be presented by small pebbles.

3. European-style

A European-style garden can have plenty of schools and styles — the British elegant garden, the Italian open-style garden, the French romantic garden, or the Northern European-style minimalist garden. Among all these styles, each can be different from one another based on local customs found in each country.

Of course, every landscaping vendor specialized in horticulture and landscaping will be good at doing different theme-based creative works. If the vendor has encountered an unfamiliar subject or style, it will ask other vendors in the industry to help so it can make more profits through collaboration and exchanging resources. 

[3] Conclusion


Aesthetic integration does help people in Tianwei a lot to make the most out of their creation of plant combos!

We want to give special thanks to the boss of the Peasant Creative Context-Oriented Landscaping Design Co., Ltd., Mr. Hsieh because he answered all our questions about the horticulture and landscaping. We saw a lot of furniture, and horticulture and landscaping made of wood at his place. We sat on the most valuable art work, the wooden chairs to listen to his story about the horticulture and landscaping. He introduced us how to purchase the flowers, turfs, trees, and materials, and how to put all things into a small and tiny space for storage.

Mr. Hsieh, Shih-Lung also run a farmers bar, and run a local men’s band with his local friends who live in this district. He also got a license so he can work as a street performer at his leisure time to anywhere he wants. He is such an amazing artist. No wonder he can have endless ideas to be creative at work!