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Rumor has it that the legend of the pink carnation may come from the tear drops of Ave Maria when she saw the Passion of Jesus Christ. On the earth where the tear drops grows the carnation; therefore, the pink carnation has become the symbol of eternal motherly love, and is a blessing of everlasting beauty and youth for all mothers on earth. The red carnation symbolizes love, care, passion, integrity, fineness, and never-give-up motto to make a wish for the mother for good health and a long life.

Mom, kid, and Carnation

Red Carnation

Pink Carnation


When we were doing the1 Day DIY farmhouse project, we learned from how to grow the next generation of carnation through cutting propagation at the florist Mr. Zhang Jia-Sheng’s place. We also learned how to harvest the carnation. We always think of the carnation as the flower symbolizing the motherly love on earth, and feel warm at heart because the carnation is the best flower given to all mothers on earth.

We still remembered when we were still kids going to the elementary schools for study. The second Sunday of each May, every kids at school will be given one carnation so that they can bring the carnation home for the mother and wish her good health and to live in peace. Today we can have the chance to visit the carnation flower bed, and we’re so happy.

We have observed the carnation flower bed, and we need to put the support net to fix the stems as well. Although the carnation leaves aren’t so appealing to the eyes, they look like leaves that bear something with fortitude. It’s just like we enjoy the love of our own mother. The carnation is coniferous plant so its leaves look sharp to the edge. It has the rustic texture, and we’re so glad that we can have the chance to see how to grow and produce the carnation today.

Carnation Cutting Propagation

Harvest Carnation

Harvested Carnation


Carnation Wiktionary

1. The carnation is the Caryophyllaceous plant which normally bred with mass production. It is a type of the rose species, which belongs to the Dianthus perennial plants.

2. Normally, the gaily-colored double flower looks so colorful, and it smells good with fragrance.

3. It’s required that the well-drained soil rich in Humus should be prepared for the plants so that the soil can keep the fertilizers on earth, and the clay soil belongs to the slightly alkali soil.

4. The carnation is the drought-tolerant plant which can grow stronger in dry weather.

5. The carnation has multi-stems and belongs to the flowering plant. The decapitation approach should be taken to fix the sprouts at puberty period.

6. The carnation prefers to stay in cool and dry weather. It grows better with sufficient sunlight in an ecological environment where a well-ventilated space is provided.

7. The carnation is a hardy plant, which can hardly bear heat. It grows better at 14-21℃. If the temperature is over 27℃ or drops to 14℃, the plant grows slowly.

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1. Photo-shooting was taken from on-site field survey and DIY Project program.